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Biden, US formally backs Finland and Sweden joining NATO

Washington— President Biden officially welcomesFinland and SwedenJoined NATO's alliance on Tuesday as part of a restructuring of Europe's security posture after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, with a formal approval document from the United States of Scandinavian countries participating in a mutual defense pact signed.

"Aiming to join NATO, Finland and Sweden have a sacred promise that an attack on one person is an attack on all," Biden signed, making the partnership "essential." I called it "Alliance". ""

The United States has become the 23rd ally to approve both countries' accession to NATO. The president said he had talked with the leaders of both countries before signing the ratification and urged the remaining NATO members to end their own ratification process "as soon as possible."

Senate joined the alliance last week withrare 95-1 votesOnce approved a neutral country. Biden said 27} shows the world with a sense of political unity that "the United States can still do big things."

President Biden, Finland's Ambassador Mikko Hautara and Sweden's Ambassador Karin Olofsdotter, support US support for national bids He is holding the pen at the formalizing signing ceremony. We will participate in NATO on August 9, 2022.SAULLOEB / AFP via Getty Images

Countries sought NATO membership earlier this year to ensure security. In the wake of the attack of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. The rules of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization require the consent of all 30 existing members before Finland and Sweden formally join the alliance. This is expected in the coming months.

The candidates for the two prosperous Nordic countries have been ratified by more than half of the NATO member countries in about three months after the two applications. It represents the fastest expansion of a mutual defense pact between the US and European democratic allies in 73 years of history.

US states and defense authorities consider both countries to be Internet "security providers" and are strengthening NATO's defense posture, especially in the Baltic states. Finland is expected to exceed NATO's GDP target of 2% in 2022, and Sweden is committed to achieving the 2% target.

Sweden and Finland applied for NATO in May, aside from the long-standing stance of military inconsistency. It was a major change in the security agreement between the two countries after neighboring Russia launched a war with Ukraine in late February. Mr Biden encouraged their participation, welcomed the leaders of both governments to come to the White House in May, and stood side by side with them, expressing their support for the United States.

The United States and its European allies blame NATO for a newly discovered partnership in the face of Putin's military invasion and issue a veiled reminder of Russia's nuclear arsenal. , Rallyed in a drastic statement of Russian leaders claiming Russia's historical claims. On many territories of its neighbors.

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