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Country singer Dustin Lynch admits Luke Bryan is the ultimate 'wingman'

Country music star Dustin Lynch may have not found "the one" yet, but having Luke Bryan as a wingman has been "a lot of fun."

Lynch, 38, spoke to Fox News Digital about his upcoming album "Killed the Cowboy," his relationship journey and how Bryan is someone he can turn to for advice.

"Luke Bryan is — I will say, he's been great with advice on letting me know that he doesn't miss the old days before Caroline and the kids," Lynch began, referencing Bryan's wife of 17 years, Caroline Boyer. 

Dustin Lynch and Luke Bryan

Country music star Dustin Lynch, left, may have not found "the one" yet, but having Luke Bryan as a wingman was "a lot of fun." (Rick Diamond)

He continued, "Which is interesting, you know, getting to tour with him for two years straight. You know, him having kids on the road and watching him be able to make that happen."  


Lynch joined Bryan on his Kick Up the Dust Tour in 2015. Taking a trip down memory lane, Lynch detailed what it was like having the famous country singer as his wingman.

WATCH: Country star Dustin Lynch says Luke Bryan is the best 'wingman'

"Yes, he is," Lynch said of Bryan being a good friend. "Having Luke Bryan as one of your good buddies and being on tour with him… it just so happens the ratio of girls to guys at his show is pretty dang good and tilts into the girl category pretty, pretty hard, at least especially back in [2015] and [2016]."

He continued, "So we had a lot of fun out on the road together, and I didn't meet 'the one,' but maybe she'll come back around. Maybe I did meet ‘the one’ and we haven't reconnected yet."

Dustin Lynch and Luke Bryan CMT Awards

Dustin Lynch, left, and Luke Bryan pose at the 2018 CMT Music Awards. (Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Lynch's new album, "Killed the Cowboy," is set to bow Friday, and he announced that he'll be going on tour in April of next year.

The inspiration behind his new work came from "paying attention to what I was thinking about on a daily basis," Lynch told Fox News Digital.

"My personal life… ‘Am I where I want to be. What is that?’ You know, ‘Do I need to be with somebody? Am I cool being single and love and freedom and adventure?’ And I realize, ‘Hey, this probably should be what I talk about in this next chapter in music,’" he shared.

WATCH: Country star Dustin Lynch shares inspiration behind new album 'Killed the Cowboy'

Lynch continued, "So we ended up with ‘Killed the Cowboy’, a song that is about getting burnt. It's about the ups and downs of being a single man."


Artist Jelly Roll, whose real name is Jason Bradley DeFord, has ventured into the country music space over the last couple of years. He will be featured on Lynch's new album.

Jelly Roll at the ACM Awards 2023

Jelly Roll will be featured on Dustin Lynch's new album. (Getty Images)

"It's called ‘Chevrolet,’" Lynch said of the pair's new song. "A couple of my buddies sent the song in to me and very quickly I was like, ‘Okay, this was like a great collab moment and I want somebody that has lived a little bit and has a little soul in their voice.’" 

He continued, "Jelly Roll and I actually connected over the pandemic, and we're working with the same team. So we got in the kitchen and cooked up a little something special, and I'm very proud of it. This… feels like a career moment for me."

Aside from sharing details about his new album, the country musician admitted to feeling pressure from his friends to "settle down."

Dustin Lynch

Dustin Lynch admitted feeling pressure from friends to "settle down." (Crash My Playa/aLIVE Coverage)

"I would say a little bit of, not from my family, a little bit of pressure from my friend circle of like … my buddies' wives going, ‘Man, we, like, we want to go on these trips, but you never have a plus one,’" he admitted.

WATCH: Dustin Lynch says he's feeling pressure from his friend group to 'settle down' 

"It's kind of hard to go on a sexy vacation to wherever, you know and [I] may not have somebody that either I know well or am with, you know, full time. So there's a little pressure there," he said. 

Lynch noted that he feels the most pressure from "the industry" when it comes to settling down. 

"Whenever I go to industry events, it seems like in the country, even the country fan community are very invested in my buddies, wives and children as much as they are my buddies and their music," he pointed out. "You know, it's a spotlight that happens on award nights and throughout the year in different pieces of media that come out. So there's a lot of pressure, I think, in that world, a lot more so than in my real life, out of the spotlight."

Dustin Lynch red carpet

Lynch's sixth studio album, "Killed the Cowboy," is set to debut Friday. (Getty Images)

Addressing why country music fans get "so involved" with artists' "personal lives," Lynch said that country music listeners are "supporting artists that are talking about the real world that they live in, what they believe in, the fabric that makes up the towns that they're from."

"I think country music really speaks a lot more heavily on faith and family, and that's why people get so involved with not only our music, but also our personal lives. That's why we're able to have the longevity that we have, we get to have in the genre," he said.

Lynch shared that his faith has been a "driving force" among the reasons he continues to make music.

Dustin Lynch onstage

Dustin Lynch told Fox News Digital his faith is a "driving force" in why he creates music. (Jason Kempin)

"I grew up in an in a family that church was a regularly scheduled event multiple times a week. [I] went to a Christian university, and it's just it's always been a nice center and grounding force and community to have around," he said. "It's honestly where I started falling in love with music. So I think I've got a lot to be thankful for, sitting in this chair right now, because Mom and Dad were allowing me to go and enjoy music in the church earlier in my life."


Aside from touring and releasing his new album, Lynch would "love" to be a part of Taylor Sheridan's "Yellowstone" universe, but he is not dropping music in pursuit of an acting career.

WATCH: Dustin Lynch says it would be 'a dream' to star in 'Yellowstone'

"I feel like outside of touring, I go home, and I'm on the farm and raising cows, and I just love the great outdoors, and it seems like, you know, the ‘Yellowstone’ franchise is something that I could kind of seamlessly just go do on my off days," he said.


Lynch continued, "As far as actively seeking out roles, I'm still music-focused pretty heavily. If brought an opportunity, I definitely will try and go for it, but right no … music comes first." 

Janelle Ash is an entertainment writer for Fox News Digital.