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Explosion rocks Russian air base in Crimea

Officials said a powerful explosion occurred on Tuesday at a Russian air force base on the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine, killing one and injuring five. However, the cause of the explosion was unknown.

The Russian Defense Ministry said ammunition exploded at the Saki base in the area seized by Russia in 2014, but emphasized that the facility had not been bombarded.

Although there was no immediate comment from Ukrainian authorities, there was widespread speculation on Ukrainian social networks that Kyiv's army attacked the base with long-range missiles. A huge cloud of smoke from the explosion rose above the horizon, causing sunbathings to flee from nearby beaches. Authorities blocked the area around the base within a radius of 5 km.

Ukrainian troops are not currently attacking Crimea in the sixth month during the Russian attack. Moscow officials have warned Ukraine that the attack on Crimea will cause massive retaliation, including a strike on Kyiv's "decision-making center."

However, a small temporary drone struck the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet at the port of Crimea in Sevastopol last month, accusing Ukrainian saboteurs. The Saki base has been used by Russian fighters to attack areas in the southern region of Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials killed at least three Ukrainian citizens and 23 in Russia on the final day of Tuesday, including an attack not far from the Russian-occupied Zaporizhya nuclear power plant. He said he was injured in the bombardment of Ukraine.

Governor Valentin Reznicenko of Dnipropetrovsk said Russian troops had launched more than 120 rockets in the town of Nikopol across the Dnipropetrovsk from a nuclear facility. He said some apartment buildings and industrial land were damaged.

Recently, Ukraine and Russia have accused each other of shooting at one of Europe's largest nuclear power plants, and authorities are worried about the nuclear disaster.

In a nightly video address on Monday, Ukrainian President Wolodimir Zelensky caused a 1986 disaster at the then-Soviet Republic of Ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear power plant. He sought new sanctions against Russia for risking another nuclear disaster in the bombardment of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. Russia has accused Ukraine of attacking the complex.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian generals said early Tuesday that Moscow was trying to inflict "the greatest loss" on Ukrainian troops, and Russian attacks on the hub cities of eastern Donetsk, Bakumut and Avdiivka. He said he was continuing towards Ukraine.

Ukraine says the Russian Air Force is bombarding military facilities in the direction of Donetsk to support cannons and other ground operations aimed at driving Ukrainian troops out of the front line. Stated.

British intelligence on Monday poses risks to both the military and local civilians as Russia uses antipersonnel mines to defend and maintain lines of defense in the eastern Donbus region. Warned.

However, Kieu's military planners said their troops had repelled reconnaissance and offensive operations in a small number of settlements around Ivanoda Rifka, Bakumut, and Zaitsevo.

They said Russian troops withdrew after failing to push around Avdiivka and Krasnohorifka.

Some information in this report is from the Associated Press and Reuters.