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Hollywood’s ‘slutty daddy’ is unrecognizable in high school photos

You haven’t seen the last of him.

A TikToker has gone incredibly viral for sharing a certain A-lister’s yearbook photo and the lengthy notes he penned to her mom as a teen.

In a clip with 14 million views, 21-year-old Bella zooms in on a black-and-white snap of none other than Pedro Pascal, 47, in her mother’s old yearbook.

Pascal graduated from the Orange County School of the Arts in southern California in 1993.

“Every time I remember my mom was friends with Pedro in high school,” the content creator wrote on the video, adding in the caption that she checks out the yearbook once a month.

Pedro Pascal in high school

The TikTok also reveals a long message in the back of the book, signed by “The Mandalorian” star, with the phrase “keep this!” written next to the autograph.

In the lengthy passage, Pascal promises to bring Bella’s mom as his “first date” to the Academy Awards.

He attended this month’s ceremony as a presenter. He was accompanied by his sister, Javiera Balmaceda — not Bella’s mom.

On TikTok, Bella also showcased a graduation card the actor gave her mom when they finished high school.

“HOW DO WE REUNITE THEM,” one enthralled user commented.

“He coulda been your dad, but he’ll always be our Daddy,” one person quipped.

“THE WAY HE PUT ‘KEEP THIS,'” exclaimed another shocked TikToker. “How did he know.”

“Promise you won’t forget me and you’ll be my first date to the Academy Awards,” someone else quoted the note.

“He kinda seems down bad for her — did they keep in touch?!?” inquired another user.

Pascal's yearbook note
Pascal and Bella's mom in high school

In a subsequent video, Bella highlighted an old photo of her mom and Pascal, informing her captivated audience that her mom is happily married to someone else.

She also shared an email purportedly from the megastar, who told Bella to tell her mom “I said hi.”

Pascal, most recently the star of HBO’s “The Last of Us,” has captured hearts around the globe — and the world wide web.

In a red carpet interview earlier this year, a reporter informed the shocked actor that he is “the daddy of the internet,” to which he replied: “Yep, I am your cool, slutty daddy.”

Grad card from Pascal
Pedro Pascal
Getty Images for Vanity Fair

In fact, the internet has become so enraptured by his charm that he’s the face of a new TikTok trend, with videos tagged with his name on the platform reaching 9 billion views.

He was spotted at SZA’s California concert this week, as bystanders fawned over the Hollywood hunk, screaming and rushing to take photos with him.

And recently, Pascal had fans buzzing after they saw his “violent” — and highly caffeinated – coffee order: An iced quad espresso with six shots and extra ice.