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I pretend my wife is dead when a stranger asks me if I'm 'babysitting' my daughter

We all know that women do most of thehard work when it comes to having children.

There is nothing more irritating than when her father is praised for just taking care of his child.

But it gets even more awkward when strangers, or even the father himself, call it "babysitter" instead of just being a parent.

Now one father shares hilarious tactics he uses to applaud people who call his little daughter "babysitting."

"This is what [my daughter] Viola used all the time when she was first born," Kevin Clevenger explains in his viral TikTok video.

Father pretends his wife is dead when asked if he is babysitting

I explained that Brandi wanted to go home to her. Working for a short time, he would often go grocery shopping with Viola.

"I was at the grocery store and this woman , I remember saying, 'Oh, are you going to let mommy rest today? Is daddy babysitting?' } TikTok/ @ironsanctuary

Since giving birth, it's been just me and my girlfriend. Whenever asked, I always say, 'No, her mother is dead. 43} People praised Kevin's tactics, and his video received over 5.5 million views in just 24 hours.

"I fully allow my fiancée to claim that I am dead because he constantly asks if he is babysitting," he said of one person answered.

"I always say 'No, I'm the father,' but next time I might try this," applauded the father.

"This is great. When she's big enough, she should explain to her and teach her to cry," suggested another.