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Mar-a-Lago raid: MSNBC contributor says FBI should get 'profit of the doubt' from Republicans

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MSNBC contributor Charlie Sykes warnedRepublicans gathered around former President Trump on Tuesday after the FBI attacked Marago, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He said he did not give "the benefit of doubt" to him. ..

"Donald Trump has spent years outlawing these law enforcement agencies and the Deep State. How deep has his destruction campaign been in the Republican Party in the last 24 hours?" "Sykes said." One thing is that the hardcore MAGAverse reacts to anger, but what you see is all-out, and the elected Republicans are suspicious of the FBI. Gathered without benefiting and not observing the studied silence that would normally occur when evidence exists. ”

Sykes gathered about theFBI assault. "I'm feeding this anger," he said in a critical statement, suggesting that it was false for Republicans who claimed to defend the police.

"No matter what the evidence is, no matter what crime is committed, there is no doubt that we are seeing how ready this party is to gather around Donald Trump," he said. ..

Trump media enemies, allies agree that FBI Mar-a-Lago RAID may have climbed him to the 2024 Republican nomination

Republicans in support of Trump and Congress condemned the FBI's assault when news unfolded on Monday, with some like the hopeful J.D. Vance of the Ohio Senate. He asked the Justice Department to investigate how it was "politicized." House Minority LeaderKevin McCarthy, R-California warns Attorney General Merrick Garland, DOJ faces new surveillance with a majority of Republicans, "save documents, clear calendar I will do it. " ""

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    Former US President Donald Trump's supporters said Mar-a-Lagode after Trump said an FBI agent had attacked Palm Beach, Florida, USA. Wave the flag when gathering outside Ah Lago's house. , August 8, 2022.  (REUTERS / Marco Bello)

  • House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy

    House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Caliph, December 3, 2021 On Friday, I will reply to a reporter at the Washington Capitol about the actions of Congressman Lauren Bobert of R-Colorado and her repeated "anti-Islamic" attacks on Congressman Ilhan Omar of D-Min.  (AP Photo / J. ScottApplewhite)

  • Washington DC-May 21: Journalist Charlie Sykes at "NAMM Music Education Advocacy Fly-in" Lecture Keynote: "Charlie Sykes" event at Capital Hill Hyatt Regency on May 21, 2018 in Washington, DC.  (NAMM's Chris Connor / Getty Images)

{107 Democrats in the department praised the FBI for holding Trump in their eyes, but Republicans saw the step as the latest Broadside by the Bureau of Opposition to Their Way of Life. Another issue of political warfare, as the FBI's role in theRussian Gate investigation, which consumed the Trump administration, has damaged its reputation in the eyes of many conservatives due to prejudice and misconduct exposure. It has become.

CNN Analyst: FBI Mar-a-Lago RAID "No Guarantee" for "Danger" and "Presidential Records Act Only"

In the aftermath of the FBI attack, it was roundly protected by MSNBC, a cable outlet to the left. In "Morning Joe" on Tuesday, former U.S. Attorney General Neil Katyal said, "Yesterday's news is that the Justice Department is returning to its historic position as a law enforcement agency rather than politics and trying to do the right thing. Means. " , If you violate it, the law will be enforced.

Sources reported to Fox News that theFBI raid on Marragowas allegedly brought to his private residence by Trump after his inauguration. Is related to. The issue was referred to the Department of Justice by the National Archives and Records Administration and stated that confidential material was found in 15 boxes of housing.  

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Fox News' Andrea Vacchiano contributed to this report.