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Stream or Skip: NBC's 'Password' Brings Back Jimmy Fallon's Classic Word Matching Game Show

Jimmy Fallon played Password for years on The Tonight ShowI've been He created his new standalone version of the classic word association game show that debuted in 1961 with his Allen Ludden as host. Fallon and game show veteran John Quinn will serve as executive producers. Fallon is a celebrity panelist in every episode, with a rotating series of celebrities occupying other celebrity spots, and the host is Keke Palmer, who is always energetic. In the first episode, his one celebrity panelist is Jon Hamm.

Password: Stream or skip.

Opening Shot: Various recurring scenes of Password from the last 60 years. Of course, many of those scenes involve Betty White.

Summary: The game is very simple. Each contestant/celebrity pair gets a "password" to guess. One gives her one word clue and one he has to guess the password. If they don't get it, the guess is sent to the other pair. The number of points he gets for that word starts at 6 and each wrong guess reduces him by 1. The first pair to reach 15 wins the game. The first he wins two participants advances to the bonus round. If each team wins, there's a tiebreaker where Palmer reads out a list of words and one of his contestants must buzz. The

Bonus Round is similar to the {119 "Alphabet" Bonus Round. }Password Plus and Super Passwordare regularly rotated in BUZZR. Contestants give the celebrity clues to words that start with her ten different letters. After 30 seconds, the celebrity flips a switch and tries to pick up a word that the first person didn't guess or didn't understand. If a celebrity guesses all 10 of her words, the contestant wins her $25,000.

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What reminds you? (checking the internet) passwordhe has been repeated 5 times, the last one being million dollar password, from 2008 he was Regis Philbin in 2009 hosted by The gameplay of this version is a hybrid of the original version from the 1960s and iterations of thePassword Plus/Super Password from the late 70's to his late 80's.

Our take: As a game show purist, Jimmy Fallon's version of password is used by Fallon and others. 's celebrity panelists are more playful and laugh-inducing than actual gameplay. The promos put together by NBC clearly focused on the comedic side, and most of them were exciting in their usual way, as most Fallon shows are. People tried hard to get a laugh, and the audience laughed hard at those attempts.

Certainly there are things that need to be enhanced in this version. Part of the list of clues like plus and super as this version uses the classic his 60's main game You score points by guessing words, not as. The version makes the game run slower than it should. The clue-giver is given an infinite amount of time to play or pass, after which the guesser seems to be constantly given in-words to guess the password from that clue. For example, a ham talking about Betty White and not actually playing password

. Palmer's Tank, she brings a fun energy to the show as host. Sometimes it feels like you're playing as someone else. That said, she shows a lot of warmth.For example, when a contestant finds out that she's a huge fan, they bond quickly.Organic.

Finally there is a bonus her game. One is that the language is too easy. The reason is that every word has a definite clue and you can make the right guess right away. Second, if a contestant gives an illegal clue to the first celebrity, a new word will be added when the celebrity switches and the $25,000 prize will be preserved. I don't see why you have to give a contestant a second chance if they gave an illegal clue. They win $1,000 for each correct clue, so it's worth playing even if $25,000 is off the table.

Despite its slow pace, easy cues, and over-reliance on laughter, we find ourselves playing as if we were watching an older version of her BUZZR. I was. And the modern version of the '60s theme song is a lot of fun.If the show gets a second season, I hope Fallon and Quinn tighten things up and make the show move a little faster.

Gender and Skin: Nothing more than the cheeky act of giving the ham the password "Package".

Farewell Shot: Two different sets of competitors will face Fallon and Hamm, and there will be two different bonus games. A tribute to Betty White flashes before the credits roll.

Sleeper Star: A.D. Miles is the show's announcer, and he does the traditional password whisper — "The password is... the package." to the audience. He gives that whisper a strange effect that for some reason we weren't annoyed. When asked, he gave it to Fallon. Take the joke squarely, John.

Our call: Stream it. I'd love to break password produced by Jimmy Fallon and ruin the perfectly good classic game show format, but I can't because the game is still pretty entertaining. The pace just needs to be tightened up a bit, and there should be plenty of room for Fallon and company to elicit laughter from the audience. I write about food, entertainment, parenting, and technology, but not kidding myself, I'm a TV addict. His writings have appeared in The New York Times, Slate, Salon,RollingStone.comVanityFair.comand Fast Company. I'm here.