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Texas couples’ poop trap backfires, thieves retaliate with cow dung

Talk about fighting dirty!

Parcel thieves fought back against a Texas couple who tricked them into stealing dirty diapers by spraying their house with cow manure.

The Austin-based parents were among numerous victims who had beome annoyed with a gang constantly stealing deliveries from their porches, so set a booby trap using their toddler’s waste.

However, it backfired once the masked bandits realized they had a poop-filled package on their hands.

“Thirty minutes later, they came back with a giant bag of cow manure,” the victim, only identified as Gabriela, told Austin station KXAN.

“They spread that all over our front porch and on our cars in the driveway.

“That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I called police, filed a report, and now there’s a detective on the case.”

Residents say the fecal fiasco was the culmination of escalting tensions over the last month, after several homeowners in the neighborhood noticed missing packages.

A couple in Austin, Texas tricked a package thief into stealing a box of dirty diapers from their home.
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Gabriela told KXAN at least a dozen households have been stolen from.

The thieves have been caught on numerous doorbell cameras and tracked to the same black Chevy Suburban with no plates, but that has left little for cops to go off.

Another victim, Britany Walker, told The Post she was nursing her baby when she saw a brazen thief swiping a large package from her entry way in broad daylight.

The thieves retaliated by spraying the house with cow manure.

“I just ran out and said, ‘I have a baby,’ and they looked at me and just laughed,” Walker said, adding the bandits still took her package.

Austin police say homeowners can legally confront people stealing from on their properties but generally urge homeowners not to interfere, especially with organized gangs, as tempers can flare and situations can quickly become dangerous or life threatening.