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'The Wonder Years' director Fred Savage was 'manipulative and erratic', according to accuser

ABC Reboot of The Wonder Years Child Actor Fred Savage Removed from Executive Producer and Director Roles New details about the matter are coming to light. Several female crew members who made their first report to Disney HR in February claimed he was "manipulative and volatile".

Disney cited Savage as reason for dismissal While simply citing "inappropriate behavior," the women, who requested anonymity, described events ranging from verbal harassment to sexual assault in interviews with . The Hollywood Reporter.They argued that actors and executives would "see [Savage's] best face" but would be "low-level employees without power".

One of the women who initially found Savage "very attractive" said the 46-year-old had a relationship with a younger woman on set. He said he began to feel uncomfortable with the "weirdness" of Despite her being married with three children, sources tell THR that the woman She said she moved into his house near the filming location. When one of the women, who had "extreme control over her daily behavior," tried to protect her young lady, he allegedly pulled her to his side and verbally harassed her. I'm here.

She said "his eyes would die" when this happened, but "he flipped a switch and he became Fred Savage". }

Another woman says Savage befriended her when she worked on the show, stepped forward to help her career, bought her dinner and offered expensive gifts (she declined). was). However, things turned south and the woman is said to have "scared him for the first time."

According to her, in December 2021, when the two of her were out with a group, Savage took her to the bathroom and pushed her against the wall.

She said, "'Please don't do this,'" she said. "I was going to break the friendship. I was pleading, not out of fear, but this was irreversible."

She continued. He went over my pants. I brushed him off. Then he put it in my mouth again, grabbed my hand and pulled his crotch. I was pulling back. He got very angry and stopped. I checked him over the shoulder so I could get out.

The woman said he had tried texting her to meet up several times, and after weeks of silence, Savage revealed that he was her "big asshole." I left a voicemail apologizing. In a statement to

 THR, , the actor said: He always strives to contribute to an inclusive, safe and supportive work environment. He is shocked to learn that he has colleagues who feel that I have failed to meet these goals.

He continued: There is nothing more important to me in this world than being a supportive colleague, friend, husband, father, and person, so I will work to address and change behaviors that have adversely affected someone.

Savage was sued at the age of 16 for sexual harassment by a costume designer in the first run ofThe Wonder Years and accused him of sexual harassment. A complaint has been filed. In 2018 in Los Angeles Superior Court, the costume designer for Fox's The Grinder was accused of physical and verbal harassment. An investigation found him not guilty of the latter.

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