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Toni Minichiello, a former coach of Olympic gold medalist Jessica Ennis Hill, has handed a lifelong ban by the British Athletics Federation on suspicion of sexual misconduct.

(CNN)Toni Minichiello,Jessica Ennis Hill The athletic coachat the London 2012 Olympic Gameswas suspended for life by UK Athletics on Tuesday following repeated allegations of sexual misconduct, emotional abuse and bullying.

The 56-year-old was suspended by his UK sports governing body, UK Athletics, in May 2021. 15 years.

Minichiello's accuser remains anonymous.

According to a statement issued by the United Kingdom, "These actions constitute a serious betrayal of trust by Mr. has had serious consequences for ”Athletics on its website.

Minichiello categorically denied the charges against him and lamented the decision taken by UK Athletics, saying the process was "unfair".

"I cannot express my complete disappointment at this decision and at his unfair treatment of UK Athletics in this process," Minichiello said in a statement to his CNN. Stated.

"I strongly deny all accusations made against me. I have been a coach for over 30 years. As an athlete, I have never behaved inappropriately towards any athlete."

Minichiello's statement detailed why he believed the investigation was unjustified. with available evidence that

UK Athletics did not immediately respond to his CNN request for comment regarding his Minichiello's allegations of misconduct during the investigation process by the governing body.

Minichiello's statement also stated that he was "not barred from coaching. The Panel did not have the jurisdiction to issue such sanctions."

An investigation was conducted by a committee appointed by the UK Athletics Board of Directors, stating that "Mr. We hear the complaints," UK Athletics said in a statement.

As reported in the statement, the findings of the investigation were: Athlete;

3. Engaging sexually and physically (behavior), i.e. making inappropriate and undesirable contact with an athlete to whom he has a duty of care;

4. Engaging in inappropriate and sometimes aggressive (behaviours)), bullying and emotional abuse.

The Panel found that the accusations were "proven" and that "various other accusations were not proven." The group did not elaborate on what the unproven allegations were.

CNN reached out to Jessica Ennis-Hill's rep for comment but did not immediately hear back. .

A UK Athletics statement said: "These findings are extremely serious. They amount to numerous violations of his UKA coaching license terms over the course of 15 years."

Minichiello's coaching license expired during the 2021 suspension period and is therefore 'cannot be suspended/sanctioned' by UK Athletics.

As a result, the UKA suspension is manifested as a decision "permanently not to accept Mr Minichiello's future applications for his UKA coaching license," the statement said.

Further, "The issuance of a UKA license to a coach is essentially a representation on behalf of the UKA that the coach in question has confidence in the athletes under his supervision." }

''UKA believes that there will never be an appropriate time to grant such guarantees and to issue such licenses. Subject to appeal to relevant authorities under UKA regulations.

CNN has also reached out to the British Athletes' Commission for a statement on the British Athletics Federation's decision.