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Britain's Club Baron's NYC Plans Cause Uproar Among Upper East Side Residents

Luxurious members-only club planned by London nightlife impresario on Manhattan's Upper East Side Caused a ruckus among-do residents. 

Pre-war condominium at 828 Madison Avenue From his tower a drunken millionaire idles his chauffeured limousine, choking the quiet streets. That fear fueled his virtual community board meeting last week, local sources said. report.

The meeting to approve the as-yet-named club's liquor license application "should have been a slam-dunk," one observer told Side Dish.

Instead, those who support the club are ridiculed,Robin Burley - UK nightlife favorite - Neighborhood blog Upper East site.

Burleigh, the famous London hotspot where Prince Harry took Meghan Markle on his first date, has signed his 20-year lease for the space. reported exclusively. 

"The main problem is that residents of the Upper East Side are unable to participate in the positive aspects of the club and only the negative ones," said a resident of 10 East. A neighbor on 70th Street, adjacent to the proposed club, told Side Dish.

Robin Birley
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Resident She requested anonymity.Nevertheless, nighttime traffic is a concern, she said.

"Wealthy people are being targeted on the streets of New York, such as having their watch stolen while they are eating at a restaurant," she said. "If this place becomes known as a hot spot for the wealthy, I fear they will be targeted when they leave the club."

"Of course, many of them I am waiting for my driver," she added. "But there are backups of limousines piled up outside the club."

Others fear not only the late-night commotion, but also the chaos the peaceful oasis wreaks during the day. According to the blog, Leslie Her Samuels, president of the East 70th Street Block Association, said daily deliveries and garbage collection "will undoubtedly lead to severe traffic congestion and noise." 

"It's no exaggeration to say that this club has a negative impact on residents' quiet enjoyment at home," said Milton Strom, president of 10 East 70th Street Coop. I'm here. club, blog reported.

The club will open at 7am for breakfast and close at 1am. Her 12,000-square-foot space on two floors occupies his first and mezzanine levels in a luxury condominium tower on E. 69th Street. Formerly known as the Westbury Hotel, he is located on E. 70th Street. According to sources, the opening hours are not set and are subject to change. 

Dues are expected to be in the thousands of dollars and are open only to those with recommendations from her two members of Burleigh's current club.

Sources close to Barley say the neighborhood opposition was unexpected and Barley is doing all he can to work with his neighbors to address their concerns. . The club will bring about 150 jobs and "activities" to the neighborhood, she added. to the street. 

828 Madison Ave.
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Concerns. "We are working diligently to treat them as responsible members of the communities we want to be a part of," said a Burleigh spokesperson. 

Certain concerns raised by neighbors are also being addressed by companies that specialize in managing and eliminating the potential negative impacts of these issues," the spokesperson added. 

The spokesperson also noted that because private clubs are for dining, not dancing, "there are no lines outside, and rowdy crowds make their way down the street or try to enter." A quiet, low-key establishment. 

After a heated debate, the community board suspended discussion until September. 

Madison Matt Bauer, president of the Avenue Building Improvement District, told Side Dish that Burleigh's expansion into Manhattan's Upper East Side is a "very positive new development" for the neighborhood with more than 150 homes. . His year-long history of housing private clubs such as the Harmonie Club and Metropolitan Club on E. 60th St. and the Knickerbocker Club on E. 62nd St. 

conference," Bauer said. increase. "People have concerns and they express them. But I think this club strengthens the neighborhood."