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Who Plays Melissa’s Sister on ‘Abbott Elementary’? Meet Lauren Weedman

Warning: Spoilers for Abbott Elementary Season 2, Episode 2 ahead.

Is there enough room for two tough-talking, extremely Italian elementary school teachers with great hair in Philadelphia? Abbott Elementary is about to find out.

In Episode 2 of the workplace mockumentary, “Wrong Delivery,” Abbott’s second-grade teacher Melissa Schemmenti (Lisa Ann Walter) finds herself standing face-to-face with a new, yet super familiar, character played by Lauren Weedman. Before the episode airs, we learn Weedman’s character, Kristin Marie, is Melissa’s sister. *GASP* As Janine (Quinta Brunson), Barbara (Sheryl Lee Ralph), Jacob (Chris Perfetti) and Gregory (Tyler James Williams) curiously observe the two women interacting, it seems as though a serious sibling rivalry is brewing in Season 2.

So what’s Melissa’s sister Kristin’s deal? And what do we know about Lauren Weedman, the actor who plays her? We’ll break it down for you.

Who is Melissa’s Sister in Abbott Elementary on ABC?

The episode kicks off with the Abbott crew unpacking a box of brand new books that were accidentally delivered to their school instead of Addington Elementary. Addington is a new charter school down the street from Willard R. Abbott Public School, which recently received an “unrecognizable” makeover. During lunch, Abbott’s teachers walk over to Addington to return the books (aka scope out the competition) and they find the school has air conditioning, “a young Mr. Johnson,” no weird smells, unchipped paint, colorful walls, and smooth ceilings free from asbestos. The dream! Addington also has a language lab, a music teacher who comes twice a week, and a prized computer lab. It’s so nice that even Melissa adamantly declares, “The school’s just better!” But her mood noticeably shifts when a fellow Italian badass with a flowy patterned off-the-shoulder top, big blonde hair, and bright pink lipstick appears in the hallway.

As the two women tensely walk by each other while shooting daggers, Jacob says, “That’s like your charter school doppelgänger!” Melissa snaps, “I SAID LET’S GO!” And viewers are left to question her relationship with this mystery woman until the episode’s final minutes.

After leaving Addington, the teachers decide it’s time to upgrade their school, so Ava hosts her own Shark Tank competition to determine the best way to spend Abbott’s grant money. Janine wins the money and wants to buy the kids a computer, but after learning that Addington’s swarm of mice relocated to Abbott’s cafeteria, the money is put towards cleanup costs instead. With Abbott’s students and teachers feeling overshadowed by Addington, Ava decides to treat them to some water ice and has a truck carrying the ice cold treats park outside the school.

As Addington kids walk by, they marvel over Abbott’s impressive snack perk. An Abbott child proudly says, “That’s right. Water ice at Abbott! Keep it moving! What do you have, a computer lab?” and Melissa’s charter school nemesis returns to screen with seconds to spare.

“You heard the Baby Shark! Keep it moving, and quit staring us down with that lazy eye,” Melissa shouts.

“Who do you think you’re talking to?” Kristin replies.

“A woman with Jersey mall hair and too much makeup,” Melissa fires back, before whipping out an Italian zinger so fiery it causes Janine to intervene. That’s when the big reveal comes. “I can say whatever I want to my stupid sister!” Melissa says. Shocked? So are Jacob and Janine, who apparently had no idea their branzino-loving pal had a sibling either. Unfortunately, Melissa vows she’s not saying “another word” about her sister. But we have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of her charter school double.

Who is Lauren Weedman, Who Plays Melissa’s Sister in Abbott Elementary on ABC?

Lauren Weedman is a 53-year-old actress and comedian. She kicked off her acting career in 1984 with the television series Almost Live! Since then, Weedman has appeared in a slew of popular TV shows and movies including Date NightNew GirlLookingArrested DevelopmentSingle ParentsEuphoriaHacks, and more. She has more than 12,000 followers on Instagram, and her IMDb page notes that she most recently played Lorraine in Season 2 of Kevin Can F**k Himself. Here’s hoping we haven’t seen the last of Weedman on Abbott Elementary.