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USA: Catholics At The Top of Religions That Inspire Positive Sentiments Among the People in General

A Pew Research Center survey in March 2023 on Americans feelings about religious groups, revealed that Americans feel positively towards Jews, traditional Protestants and Catholics. This signifies a favourably view as opposed to the opposite side, which indicates an unfavourable view.  

In this second category are atheists, Muslims and Mormons, towards whom Americans have negative feelings. 

The study mentions that the answers might be conditioned in virtue of the fact that those surveyed might belong to the groups about which they opine and that influences the result. Hence, if asked about the other religious groups, but not their own, Catholics enjoy the best positive view (34% favourable as opposed to 18% unfavourable).

Jews also enjoy a good reputation, despite the fact that their percentage in relation to the total American population is quite low. The survey was carried out between September 13 and 18, 2022. The study reveals the tendency of people to classify their own religion very favourably.