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Biden refuses to answer questions about FBI raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago

President Biden remained silent on Tuesday about the FBI's unprecedented Monday raidagainst former President Donald Trump's Mar Arago residence.

Biden did not ask questions at any of his public events because his aides claimed they had no prior knowledge of the agency's activities in Palm Beach, Fla.

9} “President Biden, Attorney General Can [Merrick] Garland tell us about Trump's raid? In the room, he signed a document authorizing Finland and Sweden's membership in NATO.

The Post then followed up by saying, "President Biden approves the FBI's investigation into Trump."

After hearing the initial inquiry, Biden smiled broadly while posing for photos with the Finnish and Swedish ambassadors, but did not respond verbally.

White House Press Secretary Carine Jean-Pierre also declined to elaborate on the attack during Tuesday's briefing. Not at all," she said. "This will go to the Department of Justice. I will refer you there."

President Biden
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However, Jean-Pierre said the White House "reflects what White House officials told reporters Monday night, just without input from the Justice Department."

The Justice Department, the parent agency of the FBI, is led by Garland, a former federal judge nominated to the Supreme Court by former President Barack Obama, following Trump's shocking upset in the 2016 election. When he won, he killed Garland's nomination, which Trump brought to Mar-a-Lago after his resignation.

Secret Services agents outside an entrance to Mar-a-Lago after the FBI raid on August 8, 2022.
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Unclear if the FBI may be investigating Mr. Trump for crimes and officials filed confidential information on his papers prior to the raid. He was reportedly in contact with Trump's legal team about what might have included

Trump and his Republican supporters, as well as the disgraced former New York governor. 44} Even some Democrats, such as Andrew Cuomo and 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang, expressed concern.

The 45th president, suggested it was a continuation of the FBI's "witch hunt" over whether he colluded with Russia during the 2016 election campaign.

Donald Trump
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Trump's former White House Budget Director Russ Vought, called for the abolition of the FBI, after the raid.

“If the cry of 2016 was 'Lock her up', the cry of 2024 must be 'Break them'. We have run out of deep states.”Vought wrote.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R, Calif.) has vowed that House Republicans will investigate his FBI actions.

The president has the power to unilaterally decide whether to declassify information, but critics say Trump's record keeping could violate the Presidential Records Act. Says. The law states that violators cannot hold public office again, but a Supreme Court ruling made the provision potentially unconstitutional.