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Ferrari recalls 17 years worth of luxury cars for possible brake failure

Let them rest.

Legendary Italian automaker Ferrari is recalling more than 23,000 of his vehicles due to faulty brake systems.

According to a recall filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration late last month, the problem affects all Ferrari cars, some of which he built in 2005. I have.

With less than 10,000 units sold each year for a company that typically sells, the scope of the recall is enormous.

The culprit appears to be the cap of the vehicle's brake fluid reservoir. The cap cannot vent, which can lead to excessive pressure in the brake line.

Grey sportscar in editorial shot with Ferrari F8 Spider written above it

That pressure ruptured the brake line, causing the "pedal to the floor." If you get too close, you'll lose partial or complete braking function.

In other words, a $60 part could drive a $350,000 Italian stallion headlong into a wall.

In a letter to rowdy roadster owners, North American Ferrari said the problem would be fixed free of charge.

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Meanwhile, Ferrari displays a low brake fluid warning on its dashboard.

The famous race car maker has also Reminded the owner to use the emergency parking brake.