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GREG GUTFELD: When you're a Democrat, corruption is just a fact of life

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Happy Tuesday, everybody. 

After no interruption, the Dems lean into corruption. It's Tuesday. So you know what that means.

'GUTFELD!' VIDEO: We'll take your money. Don't ask where it's goin'. Insane amounts of Swiss bank accounts are overflowin'. Cheat, steal, and lie no one bats an eye. Did you not notice? We have no qualms if you grease our palms. Just ask the POTUS. Financial crimes can be fun sometimes, as Hunter showed us. If you like intern cigars and gold bars join the DNC! It's the place to be when you are the face of corruption. 

Yeah. If you remember that song, you probably own an Acorn Stairlift. Let's first discuss the Clinton Global Initiative, not to be confused with Bill Clinton's oral initiative. The organization announced this CGI Ukraine Action Network, allegedly to help rebuild that war-torn country and provide humanitarian aid. And like most CGI, it seems convincing until you take a closer look. Here's how it works. The Dems send Ukraine a bunch of money. Your money, by the way, to blow stuff up. And then the Dems send a bunch more of your money to fix this stuff that just got blown up. And of course they get a taste of that cash. What a great system, right? Rebuild, destroy, rebuild. And the Dems get paid both ways. It's the old Mafia trick. Bust a bunch of storefront windows and then open a window repair shop. So now the Clintons have set their greedy fingers on Ukraine. I'll bet Bill is in charge of the women's prisons. Well, he does have experience sneaking cigars into small spaces. Now, just don't ask Hillary why the Russian reset didn't work or that a decade ago, Obama told us to forget about Russia. Back then, the biggest challenge was freeing women from Mitt Romney's binders. Remember when Obama said the 1980s are calling to ask for their foreign policy back? He's about as good at predictions as he is at hoops. 


Well, the 80s did call, Barack, just to say they're glad you stopped eating dogs. People forget that. Clearly, our audience did. He ate a dog. Look it up. But now that there's money to be made, the Russians are suddenly back. However, one must ask, where was the Clinton Global Initiative during the Trump years? Hillary tried to convince everybody there was Russian collusion, but her CGI group lay dormant like her gym membership for that entire four years. No wonder they hated Trump. The gravy train dried up like a stain on an intern's dress. Now that Trump's out of office, Hillary is back in a big way and she's making a killing. Okay. Bad choice of words on my part. But it's weird how that works, right? Putin waited till a Democrat was in the White House to invade Ukraine, and now the cash is flowing to the Dems. But the Clintons aren't the only ones who've figured out how to profit from other people's misfortune. Ibram X Kendi. The X stands for 'extra racist' is now responding after a center for so-called anti-racist research at Boston U laid off half of the staff blowing through $30 million bucks, while only releasing two research papers in two years. And one of them was just 500 pages of the word honkey. 


The fact is, Kendi, formerly known as Mr. Henry Rogers, doesn't want you to be his neighbor unless you're a guilty corporation with cash to burn. So where did all that money go? What does BU have to show for it? Couldn't that money pay student loans for art history majors so they don't harass me for tips at Starbucks? And how is it anti-racist to bilk a bunch of suckers out of their dough? Only a school dumb enough to accept AOC as a student would fall for that crap. But Kendi Rogers has responded to the controversy. "There will always be people who critique the job someone else is doing." Well, yeah, that's your literal job description, bozo. You're the rotten tomatoes of race.

Ibram X. Kendi and Boston University

Ibran X. Kendi announced the move of his antiracist research center in 2020. (Getty Images)

 According to con artists like Ibram X Kendi, racism means any criticism of Ibram X Kendi, including asking why he was handed $30 million to squander. Kendi got his big payday, and you all can just fend for yourselves. The way this guy operates would make Al Sharpton blush. I'm sorry, but Fat Sharpton will always be my favorite Sharpton. There's so much there to hug. If all that isn't cartoonishly corrupt enough for you, how about Bob Menendez? The feds found an untold fortune in gold bars stashed away at his house. Who the hell does this guy think he is? William Devane? Menendez also allegedly hid tons of cash in his monogrammed windbreakers. Funny. Usually when I hear 'Democrat and windbreaker,' I think Eric Swalwell.


It's an oldie but a smelly. Now, Menendez's job was chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, which is a lot like Tony Soprano working in waste management. It's just a cover to get bribes from foreign powers because they always need something in return. Say, didn't Joe Biden have that job, too? Hard to believe there's someone dumber than Hunter when it comes to hiding bribes. Even crack boy didn't say, 'Hey, just give it to me in gold and pieces of eight like a pirate.' It's the second time in a decade that Menendez has gotten busted for corruption, and he'll probably get away with it again because Dems do look after their own.

When you're a Democrat, corruption is just a fact of life. Make a big speech about rebuilding Ukraine or stopping racism or whatever, and then line your own pockets and your dad's or your sons. The people you claim to be helping may or may not benefit at all. But you sure do. And corruption comes in all colors: white, black, brown, whatever. 

Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., was indicted on bribery charges.  (Getty Images | United States District Court for the Southern District of New York)


But the only color they really care about is green, or in the case of the Bidens, white. But worst of all, this money is mostly your money, which they see as their money. They use political power for financial gain. And as long as their politics lurch left, nothing can stop them. It makes you wonder if you chose the wrong political side or should you really actually work an honest job for a living. One thing's for sure, though, unlike the big guy, no one's putting aside 10% for us. 

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