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Republicans attack US search for Trump's Mar-a-Lago mansion

Former U.S. President Donald Trump's Republican colleagues defended him on Tuesday, demanding an explanation for the FBI's raid on Mar-a-Lago's Florida mansion. His House presidency ends in January 2021.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has vowed to launch an investigation if Republicans take control of the House from Democrats early next year.

"I've seen enough," McCarthy tweeted. "The Department of Justice has reached an intolerable state of weaponized politicization. When Republicans retake the House, we will immediately monitor the Department, follow the facts, and do whatever it takes."

He warned Attorney General Merrick Garland, the head of the Department of Justice, to "keep the papers and clear the calendar" to testify in the investigation.

Former Trump Vice President Mike Pence said: their personal residence in American history.

Pence said Monday's search of Trump's Atlantic property "undermines public confidence in our justice system, and Attorney General Garland has questioned why the action is taking place." The American public must be given a full account of what was taken, and he must do so immediately.”

Other Republican lawmakers called the investigation an abuse of power. Called, the investigation was court-approved and likely approved at the highest levels of the Justice Department. Garland's role, if any, was unknown.

Firefighter Conservative Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene posted, "In defense of the FBI." On Twitter, it's a wordplay adopted by some liberals to "defend the police" in response to allegations that the local police department is using excessive force against minorities.

Conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity, a longtime Trump ally, told millions of viewers Monday night: Dot all the i's as the collective power of the federal government is coming to you.

A gardener works outside former President Donald Trump's residence in Mar-A-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida, on Aug. 9, 2022.
Former President Donald Trump's A gardener works outside a mansion - Arago, Palm Beach, Florida, August 9, 2022.

Opposition Democrats, meanwhile, made little mention of the search for Trump's property, with the White House stating: President Joe Biden had no prior knowledge that the search lasted hours.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “We believe in the rule of law, and that is our country. No. America."

Mr. Trump, meanwhile, had envisioned using the winter housing hunt as an opportunity to raise more campaign funds and run for the White House again in 2024. have a nature.

In his message in a text sent to supporters on Tuesday morning, Trump declared that "MAR-A-LAGO has been raided." "It's time for all patriots to rise up and confront the Left's reckless witch hunt and President Trump's political persecution," he said.

He asked donors for his $5,000 contribution from his $45.

Trump could have disclosed the contents of the search warrant, which he has not. In his January, a year after his resignation, he submitted his 15 boxes of materials to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

However, the FBI obtained a search warrant to look for more documents, searched Trump's office, cracked his safe, and then removed more material.

The Presidential Records Act of 1978 established that all records of the President are owned by the people and automatically transferred to the custody of his NARA as soon as the Commander-in-Chief leaves office. All presidential libraries and museums are he part of NARA, but President Trump has not built such facilities and has shown little interest in doing so.

Mr. Trump could face criminal charges for not promptly surrendering classified materials when he resigned, but such charges are rare.

He also faces investigation for his role in inciting riots at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. He supports Trump to replace the official electorate pledged to Biden.

Additionally, Mr. Trump is under investigation in Southern Georgia, where state election officials have warned that enough votes (more than 11,000) are needed to overturn Mr. Biden's victory in the state. asked to "find" the