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Wife’s vasectomy care basket for husband goes viral with puns for different products like ‘Worry Free Lays’

Ashley, mom-of-three, is celebrating her husband’s vasectomy surgery in the best way! She put together a care basket, as she will “be playing nurse” as he recovers.

Ashley shared her story in a TikTok which now has over 1 million views already, changing the names of snacks to reflect the “end of an era.”

“Today, hubby got his procedure so I’ll be playing nurse for the week 😅 I had to make him one of these funny gift baskets I seen all over #pinterest.”

“Sorry about your Ding Dongs”

Ashley filled the vasectomy basket with delicious treats, she created clever twists on product names with every pun you could poke a stick (or scalpel) at. 

With some paper, scissors, a marker and some tape, here is what she made: 
No More Kids (Sour patch kids)
Sorry about your Ding Dongs (Ding Dongs)
Shooting Duds (Milk Duds)
Unlimited Creme Pies (Oatmeal Creme Pies)
Worry Free Lays (Lays chips)
No-nuts (Mini Powdered Donuts)
No More Dew Dates (Mountain Dew)

For those who possibly want to create ones of their own, there are plenty of Aussie treats that fit the brief (literally)! 

The internet loves the vasectomy basket idea

No surprise her Instagram followers had much to say and share after watching her video. 

“I made a cake for my husband with lemons on top, that said “All juice, no seeds!” He loved it! And gave him a balloon to carry out of the hospital that said “Congrats, No Baby!” said one former ‘carer’ 

“Congratulations! Welcome to the “No Limit” club!”

“Omg I haven’t seen this before and I’m dying! It’s never too late to celebrate right?”

Men are thinking of going under the knife just for the basket

“If I knew Iwas getting a gift basket like this I’d go snip it too. It’s kind thoughtful and inspiring. She had me at unlimited cream pies and sorry about your ding dong she’s a genius” shared one man. 

“Is it too late for me to get my basket? If you’re trying to force your woman to get her tubes tied instead of you getting snipped… you’re inconsiderate.” 

“Still waiting for the permission to do mine. Hopefully I get a basket too,” said a third man.