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Priest Explains Why Demons Can’t Look at Themselves in a Mirror

In the middle of an exorcism, a mirror ended up in front of a possessed person, says on his blog North American priest and exorcist Stephen Rossetti. They were immediately astonished, he said, as  the demons, who possessed the person who was being assisted, reacted violently and, shrieking, tried to get rid of the mirror.

“A former practitioner of witchcraft and occultism said that his ‘religion’ often organized underworld parties in which certain demons were celebrated. These demons could take possession of those  attending. He said it was common practice to cover mirrors before the party because ‘demonic spirits can’t look at themselves (or rather the reflection of the human they possess that night ) in the mirror,’” said exorcist Rossetti, who explained  that demons “although they don’t have a physical body, it seems that when they possess a human being and look at themselves in a mirror, see a glimpse of their horrible wickedness. So, as I sometimes say to demons: “God made you beautiful and now see what you have become!’”

Demons are ugly beyond any description or horror film that can capture the repulsive ugliness of sin or of the demonic. These fallen angels don’t want to hear the truth and don’t want to see the truth. Hence, it’s right to suppose that their reflection in a mirror shows them their ugly truth, continues reflecting Father Rossetti. 

“I don’t know any exorcist that uses mirrors. I wonder if it would be a good intervention. Our ‘weapon’ during the spiritual battle of an exorcism is the Truth, that is Jesus. When we pray the Ritual, they hear the truth in words. Perhaps to see the truth in a mirror might also be good . . . :, concluded Father Rossetti.