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Meek Mill Announces Return To Ghana, Reflects On Video Controversy

American rap sensation Meek Mill has announced that he would be returning to Ghana while shedding light on the reasons behind his decision to remove snippets of a music video he shot at the Jubilee House earlier in Ghana.

In December 2022, Meek Mill graced the shores of Ghana, delivering a memorable performance at the ‘Afro Nation’ concert and seizing the opportunity to shoot a music video at the esteemed Jubilee House, Ghana’s seat of government.

This move sparked significant reactions online and within Ghanaian communities.

At the time, Meek Mill excitedly shared a snippet of the music video on his Instagram and Twitter profiles, but it was not long before he decided to take it down. The decision to remove the teaser was driven by the intense backlash he faced due to the video, with many condemning what they viewed as a form of disrespect towards the country’s presidency.

Ghanaians criticized the rapper, alleging that his actions amounted to desecration of a place of national importance.

The controversy surrounding the shoot led to discussions about cultural sensitivity and respect.

Reflecting on this episode, Meek Mill recently responded to a fan’s inquiry on Twitter, addressing why he had deleted the video snippets. When asked, “Why did you delete the music video you shot when you came to Ghana?” Meek Mill responded, “They ain’t like it, I respect people.”

In addition to addressing the music video controversy, Meek Mill also shared his enthusiasm for revisiting Ghana in the near future. He exclaimed, “I’m coming back to Ghana too.”

This announcement has sparked excitement among fans and followers, as Meek Mill expresses his intention to make a return to the vibrant and culturally rich nation. As one of the industry’s leading talents, his upcoming visit is bound to create more buzz and anticipation within the Ghanaian music and entertainment scene.