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Yango Company Under Fire for Unfair Practices in a Tough Job Market

In a distressing situation that has come to light in Ghana, young drivers seeking employment are allegedly being exploited by Yango, a car leasing company. The company’s practices are raising serious concerns about labor rights, unfair demands, and financial exploitation of young Ghanaian drivers.

Under the Yango scheme, the company offers cars for lease to Ghanaian youth with the promise of daily stipends or weekly wages. However, there’s a catch that many drivers find nearly impossible to meet – the requirement to complete a staggering 17 trips daily and generate a minimum of GHC 150 each day. These demands often exceed what is realistically achievable, leaving drivers in a precarious situation.

To make matters worse, if drivers fail to meet their daily targets, Yango reportedly resorts to extreme measures, such as locking drivers’ phones, effectively depriving them of access to essential resources and income-generating opportunities. Drivers are left with no choice but to pay additional penalties to regain control of their phones.

Before drivers are given access to a vehicle, Yango requires them to make a deposit of GHC 450. However, when drivers decide to return the vehicle due to the challenging conditions and punitive penalties, the company allegedly refuses to return the deposit, causing further financial strain on the drivers.

These distressing practices have sparked outrage from various quarters, with many asserting that Yango is taking advantage of the lack of employment opportunities in Ghana, leaving young drivers vulnerable to exploitation.

One example that sheds light on this dire situation is the testimony of Kwabena Asante, who spoke anonymously. He revealed that he and several of his friends faced similar exploitative conditions, leaving them frustrated and angry about their experiences.

Efforts to contact Yango and address these concerns have been made, but they were met with no success. All attempts to establish communication with the company have been fruitless, adding to the frustration of the affected drivers and the public.

As this situation unfolds, it is evident that Yango’s car leasing scheme in Accra, Ghana, is facing serious allegations of exploiting young drivers and jeopardizing their financial stability. The key question that remains is whether Ghanaian authorities will take action to address these disturbing claims and protect the rights and livelihoods of the nation’s youth.

For now, young drivers involved in these leasing arrangements and the people of Accra are left searching for answers and hoping for fair, ethical, and supportive employment opportunities in the future. This situation highlights the urgent need to address issues of labor rights and fair employment practices in the city.

By Cornelius Agyemang

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