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Why all the spirits in the Ashanti Kingdom bow to the Asantehene – Ajagurajah spills –

Founder of the Ajagurajah movement, Bishop Kwabena Asiamah, has defined the ultimate powers the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II possesses.

According to him, the Ashanti King has greater powers than people perceive.

Highlighting the Otumfuo’s prowess, Ajagurajah explained that he is the only one to whom all the spirits within the Ashanti Kingdom including; witches, river deities, fetish priests, and so on, bow.

This, according to him, is because the Asantehene is a god and not a mere mortal as people think.

He said he was the most powerful king in Ghana as a result of his utmost reverence for tradition.

Ajagurajah also expressed that although the Asantehene is a traditional leader, he upholds the beliefs of the other institutions he belongs to.

This, he said, is evident in the fact that the Anglican Archbishop is the only one the Otumfuo bows to.

“Asantehene is the most powerful king in Ghana. Let’s leave wealth and the paramountcy around him aside. Do you know why he is so powerful? He doesn’t joke with tradition. The Asantehene, His Royal Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu is an Anglican, a freemason and also a traditional leader. And the Anglican Archbishop is the only one Otumfuo kneels to. All the witches, river deities, fetish priests, in fact, every spirit within the Ashanti Kingdom bow to him. Every spirit recognizes the Asantehene as their one and true king,” he stated while discussing the topic of spirituality on Time FM.

Stating some of the circumstances in which the Otumfuo’s powers were executed and witnessed, Ajagurajah recalled a particular incident during his mother’s funeral.

“When they announced that during his mother’s funeral that nobody should come out during one particular night, how come you didn’t even see a dog on the streets? All of a sudden, even madmen were nowhere to be found. Even the regional police commander was asleep. And you think this person is a mere human being? He is a god. A great god! He can make and unmake anyone. I don’t see him as a king, I see him as a god. Not even a god with a small g,” he averred.

He, however, chided individuals who do not believe in the concept of spirituality.

“This powerful man believes in spirituality and a poor man like you don’t? You’re a fool. As for the Asantehene, I respect him a lot. Spirituality respects spirituality,” he added.

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