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‘My daughter disappeared after winning N100m’ – Father of BB Naija winner cries out –

The joy of every parent is to see their children succeed in life and perhaps, take care of them when they are old and helpless. But this is not the situation with Phyna’s parents.

When Phyna won the 2022 BBNaija ‘Level Up’ edition grand prize of N100 million, her parents heaved a heavy sigh of relief, believing that God had finally answered their prayers.

To them, their suffering had come to an end, but unknown to the reality TV star’s parents that it was just the beginning of their woes.

They stormed the BBNaija grand finale venue, radiating with happiness to celebrate with their daughter. They posed for the camera and had a good time with Phyna, while waiting for better days ahead. But unfortunately, it never happened.

The very day Phyna was announced winner of BBNaija season 7, in 2022 was the last time her parents said they set their eyes on her.

She disappeared into thin air as soon as the prize money was handed over to her, and she never returned to her parents to butter their bread.

It, however, became obvious after one year of eloping with her prize money that their daughter had gone her way.

Worse still, is the fact that Phyna neither calls nor answers her parents’ calls since she left the BBNaija house. Yet, she’s seen all over social media, displaying affluence, posh and class.

Narrating his ordeal to our reporter during the week, Phyna’s father, Mr Felix Otabor said what was disturbing him at the moment was not the fact that his daughter refused to return to them after her victory at BBNaija, but that she had asked him to stop being a hearse driver(Somebody who transport the deceased person from the funeral home or mortuary to the final resting place), hoping for the best. But he never knew that his daughter had other plans to suffocate her family, while she enjoys her wealth alone.

Hear him, “I haven’t seen Phyna, my daughter since she won BBNaija ‘Level Up’ edition last year. She hasn’t returned home since then. I don’t know why? I am a professional hearse driver, and when she won the reality TV show, she asked me to do away with all my old cars, promising to change my life. But since then, I haven’t seen her. And I don’t have a car again. Once in a while, the Vice-Chairman of our association will allow me to drive his own car.

“I sold all my four cars because at the time , my daughter won the show. I thought that God had finally answered our prayers. I called her on the telephone, and she said God has blessed us. She asked me to do away with all my old cars, or she would give them out to Aboki, any day she returned. So, instead of allowing her to dash out my cars to scavengers, I decided to sell them as scraps and used the proceeds to renovate my house. And that was the beginning of my suffering. I stopped doing my business because I had no car again. And my neighbours thought I was either stingy or pretending as if my daughter just won a N100 million grand prize. I was the Vice-Chairman of our association, but when I couldn’t show up at our station for some time, they replaced me with another person.

From that moment, things started getting tough for me. I am even looking for somebody that will give me a car on hire purchase. I need help, it has come to that point. I don’t want to die in silence.’

Otobar, who hails from Ekpeon, in Edo State, but resides in Lagos, is the father of four children. He’s an ambulance car driver, whose hope of a better life after his daughter won the BBNaija ‘Level Up’ edition’s grand prize of N100 million was dashed as soon as he was incubating it.

Sadly, the 68-year-old ambulance car driver said Phyna doesn’t answer their calls again. He wondered what they have done wrong to desire this kind of treatment being their first child.

Asked why Phyna was snubbing them, Otabor said he couldn’t explain, adding that he didn’t know his daughter’s whereabouts when he spoke to us during the week. “I only see her on Facebook or Instagram whenever she shares new photos on these platforms,” he added.

Meanwhile, when our reporter contacted Phyna on the telephone, at first she didn’t answer her calls. Instead, she sent a text message that she was busy on-site shooting! Later, she returned the calls but it was almost like a quarrel. And when a question was posed to her she immediately dropped the call and never picked it up again.