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Go and marry your mother if you have human rights – Dormaahene to LGBTQ promoters –

Osagyefo Oseadeeyo Dr. Nana Agyemang Badu II has reiterated his stance on the acceptance of activities of LGBTQ in Ghana.

Speaking exclusively in next week’s episode of The Lowdown with Daniel Oduro, he firmly stated that, as the overlord of Dormaa, he will never accept the promotion of LGBTQ.

He added that when any resident in Dormaa is caught in the act and the case is brought to his palace, he will beat such person.

“On my land, I wouldn’t allow that. If they get you, I will beat you. Oh, you can’t even try it here. It should be a no, no, no,” he said in the yet-to-be-aired episode of the Low Down.

Oseadeeyo Dr Agyemang Badu II added that promoters of LGBQT, who base their arguments on issues of human rights, should marry their mothers and brothers if it is okay to do that.

“If you have human rights go and marry your mother. If you have human rights go and marry your brother. Go and marry the people by customs you are not supposed to marry…Forget it, it won’t happen. Not during our time.”

The Dormaahene, who is a High Court judge, further stated that he would resign as a judge should judges be told to accept LGBTQ.

“As a judge, I’m on record to have said that if they decide that as judges we should recognise the human rights of LGBTQ, oh the very day I will stop the job because I won’t recognise that,” he said.