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Changing the meaning of meat

By Mpho Shelile

MASERU – In today’s fast-paced world, the importance of farmers in society cannot be undermined, as a farmer ADV. Molise Molise a CEO of Maletsunyane Finest farm refers to himself as a lifelong learner who loves to live life on the border between comfortable and uncomfortable – it’s something he’s done throughout his life. “I’ve always enjoyed challenging myself and living on the edge whether through my career, places I’ve lived or starting on a completely different qualification,” he said.

Maletsunyane Finest farm’s rise in the agricultural sector is astonishing this is evident in the various awards, prizes and nominations he garnered since the establishment of the business in 2012, as it came to be known, both Maletsunyane finest farm and Maletsunyane meat supplies are owned by ADV. Molise.

Maletsunyane Finest Farm was established in December 2012 and deals with live sheep. The farm has won 1st price in sheep production two years in a row. It supplies Maletsunyane Meat Supplies which is the farms first branch that was launched on the 4th February 2023, and subsequently has also won the 1st price in processing in the 2023 Farmers Pitso awards.

With 15 years’ experience of working as a lawyer and 11 years of farming, ADV. Molise is embracing the future in the farming industry[WU1] . “Maletsunyane Finest Farm has an opportunity to make a difference with how we produce our food. It’s not just that we are producers of meat, but what is important is how we produce it. It means something for our employees, customers, farmers and the community that we are all part of,” he says.

Despite its success, ADV. Molise says Maletsunyane must keep evolving to stay ahead. “To grow in the future, we have to stay attractive and relevant to our customers. One of the biggest things we have to do in the next few years is to change the meaning of meat,” he says. “Meat is not just meat. It depends on how we produce it, what kind of feed we use, and the health and welfare of the animals. Another priority for the company is to keep on being self-sufficient in the meat production process.  We will take corporate responsibility by supporting the sustainable production of Basotho food,” Molise explains.

“We are certainly not the ones to take the limelight or blow our horn about how well we are doing,” he says. “We just like to get on with the job and let the operations speak for themselves.” Through our creative innovation, sustainability and efficiency, we plan on staying on top of our game”.

Having navigated through challenging times, brand recognition has played a major role in the farming industry. “I have a great team, and we love what we do, henceforth we are eager to explore international spaces.

Today, Maletsunyane Finest Farm exists way beyond its initial pastures. It produces sheep in the 10 districts across Lesotho and plans on venturing across borders. “Hard work and perseverance: that’s the core of Maletsunyane Finest Farm. Perseverance has always been one of the pillars of the business. It has seen us through some pretty tough times.”

 When Molise took charge of Maletsunyane, that fascination with the business arm persisted. But where most would be satisfied with such an achievement, Molise saw room for growth. “I could see the opportunity to expand further into butchery, a direction on which I took without hesitation because I thrive on challenges,” he says. “Being able to breed on a vast tract of land in the mountains and then send meat to the 10 districts of Lesotho seemed like a natural fit.”

“I see myself as inspiration to other potential farmers and see that there is space in agriculture for them,” he states. He employs farm workers and is an active member of the community. To that end, Molise embarked on a journey of aggressive expansion and is reaping the benefits of his hard labor. “Don’t put limitations or barriers in front of you,” Molise advises. “No-one can stop you apart from yourself.”


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