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Launch of the EduYou Podcast

By Mpho Shelile

MASERU – In a world where artificial intelligence promises to transform our technological experiences, prioritizing investment in innovation to has to take the lead, for expanding networks of quick-services are the future.

According to MISA National Director Mr. Lekhetho Ntsukunyane, the initiative is a landmark innovation by a young and upcoming journalist; Joyce Ramorara, who has imaginatively developed a podcast named the ‘EduYou’, with the intent to promote career guidance for learners looking to pursue tertiary education.

Joyce Ramorara a BA student in Broadcasting and Journalism student from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology launched the first ever EduYou podcast, when giving explanation on what EduYou podcast is? She said “EduYou  is a social initiative by top business school alumni which aims at providing quality personalized mentorship and guidance to students intending to build a career in various branches of management. We are a group of educational consultants aiming to build a community of literate and informed individuals. We intend to take a step towards becoming a point of contact for every student who wants to pursue higher education”.

EduYou podcast is broadcasted across the country which will provide educational and career guidance programs for students, teachers and parents. Recognizing that many learners are now using the internet to access educational content, the decision was made to launch this engaging website. Stating that the content on this channel will encompass of interview preparation sessions for different people, case studies decoding sessions and informative videos on specific areas of concern for management students. “Let us associate with each other for the greater good of both the sections of the learner’s career” She said.

 Joyce stated that this innovation will help people to make the right career choices, because lately people seem to be more confused about the kinds of careers they want to follow, “I am enrolled into a course I did not want, I wanted to become an actress but because of my results I ended up studying journalism” so there is tremendous potential of this podcast to help mitigate the rate of tertiary drop outs. Because people will get a chance to study what they are passionate about. Adding on, Joyce wishes to work with the Ministry of education in the future.

A chairperson from MISA Mr. Kananelo Boloetse began by noting that almost everyone is stuck in a career they do not want, stating that what Joyce invented will help a lot of people get through to what they want, “this will also help us in finding journalists who love what they do, and are not getting into it because they want to be famous. As MISA we support you and we will keep on supporting you” said Mr Boloetse.

Mr. Khotso Moabi a representative from Limkokwing University said they are very proud of Joyce and what she has achieved thus far, as a lecture he is even prouder to see a student do so well and this reflects very well on them as lecturers. “Continue what you are doing and we as Limkokwing will continue to offer you our support “.

Chief Executive Officer Council on Higher Education Dr Litšabako Ntoi stated that what Joyce did is a clear demonstration of what education and training means, she then congratulated her on her innovation. Ntoi vocalised that she is not that passionate about the career she chose, but somehow she followed her passion and established Kolonyama Arts and Cultural Centre. She said the youth today have it easy because they have the likes of Joyce with them, advising them, “the sky really is the limit for them”, she said.

Adding on Deputy Principle Secretary of Education and Training Mr. Majara Ratšiu said their vision as the education faculty is to teach students who will become what they are taught and make sure to use their knowledge to improve Lesotho, and Joyce is a good example of that. They as the government are very proud of her because what she have created will help people make the right career choices. “We as the government of Lesotho support you”, said Majara.

On behalf of the sponsors from Johannesburg, a representative from Internews Local Voices Global Change Miss Molly, stated that the Hackathon program was implemented under their research program which took about two years to complete. November last year Joyce was among the two winners. “From the first time we met until now, you have grown so much and I wish for you to keep on growing from strength to strength. And there is no doubt you are going to do amazing things, not only here in Lesotho but also in South Africa”, said Molly.        

A question on how the under privileged children are to reach this great innovation since some do not have phone nor data to access it was raised, she answered by saying she plans to take tours to all schools in Lesotho just so all can get access.

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