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What Better Way to Celebrate Life & Freedom

-Than the Wild and Free Picnic Affair?

By Leseli Mahloane & Thandiwe Kubete

MASERU – Just as the day of independence approaches, much like America’s 4th of July ignites patriotism, Lesotho has its own date poised to evoke a sense of national pride – the 4th of October, celebrated through the grand event known as the Wild and Free Picnic Affair. The Marketing Manager of Mmelesi lodge Tabo Tsiu, enlightened that this unique celebration draws inspiration from iconic songs, “Young, Wild and Free” by Snoop Dogg and “Firework” by Katy Perry. The former symbolizes the spirit of freedom and the love for a good party, while the latter is tied to Freedom Day in America and in this case Independence Day in the Mountain Kingdom. It’s from these musical themes that the event’s name and concept were born.

A Remarkable Celebration of Freedom and Patriotism

The Wild and Free Picnic Affair is set to be a one-of-a-kind celebration deeply rooted in Basotho culture and values. With the goal of becoming an annual tradition, this event commemorates Lesotho’s Independence Day in a manner that resonates with the nation’s rich history and enduring spirit of freedom.

A Colourful Display of National Pride

According to Tsiu, one of the event’s most striking features is its theme. Attendees are encouraged to dress in Lesotho’s national flag colours – green, blue, white, and black – as a tribute to the nation’s values and history. This collective display of patriotism will transform the event into a vibrant tapestry of colours symbolizing unity and pride.

An All-Basotho Musical Line-up

The Wild and Free Picnic Affair proudly presents an all-Basotho musical line-up, featuring local artists and DJs. This musical journey showcases the incredible diversity of Basotho talent and contributes to the event’s lively atmosphere. Therefore giving the nation, a great sense of humour, entertainment and music they well relate to.

A Picnic Wonderland

Set amidst a rustic picnic wonderland with comfortable benches and rustic pallets, the event, which is the brain child of the Marketing Manager, aims to create an inviting and cozy atmosphere. This says attendees can bask in the natural beauty of Lesotho while enjoying a relaxing picnic-style experience with entertainment aplenty.

Diverse Stalls for Every Taste

The event will also offer a diverse array of stalls catering to every interest. Fashion enthusiasts can explore Basotho fashion and apparel stalls, art lovers can discover unique crafts, and foodies can savour a variety of local and international flavours at food and cocktail stalls.

Fostering Community Unity

“The Wild and Free Picnic Affair serves as more than just an event; it’s a platform for community unity and expression. It brings together people from all walks of life to celebrate the values that make Lesotho a unique and resilient nation”, expressed Tsiu.

A Tradition in the Making

As the event makes its debut this year, it lays the foundation for what promises to be an annual tradition. Each year, the Wild and Free Picnic Affair aims to grow, nurturing a sense of pride, patriotism, and unity among the people of Lesotho.

The Visionary behind the Celebration

The mastermind behind the Wild and Free Picnic Affair Tabo Tsiu, declared this came with a fervour for celebrating Basotho culture and a commitment to creating an event that embodies the spirit of Lesotho, Tsiu’s vision has blossomed into this spectacular celebration of freedom and unity.

In summary, the Wild and Free Picnic Affair isn’t just a celebration; it’s a statement of Lesotho’s resilience, unity, and patriotism. It stands as a testament to the nation’s rich history and values, bringing the community together for a day of joy and reflection. As the event unfolds, it is evident that Lesotho’s Independence Day will forever be marked by the colours, music, and spirit of the Wild and Free Picnic Affair.

Last year, it was hosted as a celebration, but this year it received its branding and a refined concept. This marks the inaugural Wild and Free Picnic Affair, complete with a kiddies’ corner where children can enjoy a variety of activities.

Performances on October 4th will feature Ntate Stunna, Omali Themba, DaStarr, DJ Goldhearted, Moska, DJ Linah, Osmic, DJ Bootz, DJ KayGee, Kaytee Fresh, DJ Vesta, DJ Thizozo, Manyarela, Host Pricilla, MC Kots, Chief Fasa, Lion Pain, Sefako Sa Menoaneng, and many more!

Don’t miss the Wild and Free PICNIC Affair at Mmelesi Lodge in Thaba-Bosiu. Tickets are still available at Pick n Pay, Pioneer Mall, or you can call 57084896 for more information.

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