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The Confidence Booster 41-

By Dr.Ted Msipa

                                   This is Pure Motivation

Welcome to greatness

Welcome to this last and most powerful week of the month as you finish strong. Remember it’s not over until you win. Today l am just talking to the winner in you. The hidden man of the heart the champion in you who is ready to take off.

You are much better

Sometimes you need to know and remember that you are much bigger than your challenges. The purpose of challenges is to shape and strengthen you. You never know how strong you are until you have your back against the wall and your adrenaline is activated for the survival mode.

Aspire to inspire transformation.

Aspire to give love vibes and mental strength. Strength is what you need to give to others and will receive from others. You are a portal of transformation and a transmitter of hope.  Remember what you give is what you will in turn receive. Ever heard of the law of reciprocity?

You are a focused leader.

Hurdles and challenges are a part of life. Let them not limit you in your endeavors. As a focused leader be courageous, and be bold. Have the courage to live because anyone can die. Refuse to settle for less. Refuse to be limited by the environment and even your status quo. Refuse to look back and refuse to be rejected. The only time to look back is to establish how far you have come, so that you may shout  Ebenezer the Lord has taken us this far. Be a display of and a portal of gratitude.

Celebrate Your Story

Do not despise your story. Where you are is someone else’s prayer point. Even where you aspire for is someone’s past accomplishment. The salary you brag about is someone’s change. The girl or woman you are madly in love with is someone’s ex. Another man’s meat is another man’s poison. Life is an irony it is a paradox of madness. Master that. You are becoming a leader. In spite of all that, live, love and make a difference. Celebrate the little things, celebrate the big things, and celebrate always. Keep celebrating. Life is to be celebrated and so are things. People are to be cherished. Take time to cherish others. Cherish your family, friends and neighbors.

Maximize Every Moment

Every moment matters. Remember life is measured in time. Cherish it and embrace it. You never get the same moment twice. Yesterday is over because it ended last night. Today is a brand new day to design your own path, be the architect of your destiny. Live your life and don’t delegate it. Change your thoughts and change your narrative.

Bounce Back

I am with you my leader. I trust you are with me. You are welcome to fail. Fail as many times as you can. But keep getting up. Obama failed, Mandela failed, Peter failed, Abraham failed but they did not camp at their ports of failure. They drew strength and bounced back. They came back bigger and better. The thing is that your ship may delay coming, just swim towards it.

Pursue Your Goals

Finally strive for your goals. Fly, run, walk or crawl towards them. Focus on your goals, and be generous to yourself for every milestone. Learn to pay yourself first. Let love flow from you, because you cannot give what you don’t have. In all endeavors refuse to be second best. Go for the jugular vein, let numero Uno be your motivation.

I Trust You Are Inspired

I hope you are lifted and your week will be different. I trust you are empowered. My objective was to educate, entertain and empower you my leader. I hope l achieved that. I challenge you to do something different every day. Leaders are learners. It is never too late to begin again. An illiterate Kenyan man went to primary school at eighty. You are not a fixed tree that cannot move, you always have options. Use them and get results or complain and give excuses. Be efficient with systems but be effective with people.

Christ is the Ultimate leader.

Jesus Christ is Lord. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. He remains the ultimate leader. He will see you through. With God impossibility is turned into possibility. Rise and shine, you are an instrument of transformation. The world is waiting for your impact and value. Go ahead and run your race. Stop worrying about critics, nobody cares about them and nobody has ever built a statue in their honour.

Ted Msipa PhD

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