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Getting closer to Allah through Ramadan

By Mamafa Machere


Religion is an important element in our daily lives and a pillar we run to when going through rough patches, when we are thankful to still be above groud, and grateful for achieved mile-stones.  The Muslim religion is undergoing Ramadhwan.

Ramadhwan is a month which Muslims undergo fasting, praying and Quran as a special sacrifice to Allah (God). Ramadhwan is observed annually for a full month. In 2023 it began on the 23th March and will continue until April, 23rd.

 Abd Ar-Rashid Reabetsoe Tlebere the Imam,he  mentioned in an interview with us that Ramadhwan is basically a month of thanksgiving, which runs between the two months, Rajab and Shawwal.

Ramadhwan is commemorated as a month in which, one night, the Quran was sent to earth by Allah hence it is avowed as a holly month. Muslims believe that Ramadhwan is a holly month intended to bring people close to Allah, through fasting and prayer. It is a must for all Muslims to attend their Mosques.

Fasting is guided by specific rules; no eating, staying away from all eatables or anything that can provide energy, be it supplements or energy boosters. No intimacy or any sexual acts during this time.

“Fasting starts when the sunrises and ends when the sunsets.” stated Mr. Abu Barierah Sharief Mokhoabane. Only healthy people are encouraged to take part. The elderly, small children and people on chronic medication or those who are generally very sickly are excluded from the fast. However, pregnant women may delay their fast until they give birth, once they have given birth they have to pay the fasting before the next Ramadhwan approaches.

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