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I want to save Lesotho: Matekane

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’Marafaele Mohloboli

REVOLUTION for Prosperity (RFP) leader, Sam Matekane, says the only reason he joined politics was “to protect and save the country”.

Addressing an estimated 4000 RFP supporters at a rally in Thaba-Phatšoa, Leribe this week, Mr Matekane said Basotho had been suffering for long and if voted into power, his government would work hard to improve their lives.

His government would also support businesses to boost their production and create employment.

“We have realised that you all have the potential to be in business, but you are sidelined and not given the support that you need, hence we joined politics to correct this,” Mr Matekane said.

Businessman, Thabo Maretlane will represent RFP in the rally in Thaba-Phatšoa constituency in the 7 October 2022 elections.

“We know that you are capable of doing things for yourselves but are not afforded enough support. We pledge to support you if you vote for us. We will work together to create jobs.”

He said an RFP government would assist Basotho to set up factories or partner with foreign investors to allow funds to circulate locally.

“We are also going to introduce mobile clinics for our elderly, sickly and disabled to make their lives easier. We’ll consult with our youth on the projects they would like to have and help set them up.”

An RFP government would also fight corruption, he said.

Mr Matekane warned criminals that their days were numbered as his government would descend heavily on them.

“We are killing one another every day. Women and girls are being raped everywhere and there are all forms of crimes. We are going to end all this once we get into government. I’m warning criminals to stop these acts immediately,” he said.

Mr Matekane said his government would also support agriculture to ensure that Lesotho produced enough for local consumption and exports. To enable this, his administration would set up factories to manufacture seeds and fertiliser.

“All these things can only be possible if you vote for the RFP. That’s the only way you can determine the future that you want to see. We will not disappoint you,” he said.

An RFP government will also promote good governance to ensure lasting peace.

“If the government is in good shape, the rest will fall into place smoothly and that’s the way it should be.”

Mr Matekane said there was need to revamp the tourism industry by setting up more accommodation facilities.

Currently, foreign tourists visited Lesotho for sight-seeing but booked accommodation facilities in neighbouring South Africa because of lack of good accommodation facilities here.

“We must have our lodging facilities in good shape by renovating those that already exist and building new facilities. That will attract more visitors to our country,” he said.

An RFP government will also expand infrastructure to boost the economy. Already, the party has plans to launch a project called Trans-Maloti highway to join South Africa and Lesotho up to Durban.

“The road will cut through Lesotho straight to Durban from the Maseru Bridge Border Post without travellers having to take the long route that’s currently being used.

“The project also includes an airport. This will allow for goods to be transported to the sea. We are also going to renovate and upgrade the existing airport to accommodate more people.”

Mr Matekane said there was serious need for Lesotho to introspect where it went wrong because other countries like Botswana and Eswatini were faring far better than it economically.

“We got our independence in 1966 and eSwatini in 1968. But looking at where they are today, one just wonders where Lesotho got things wrong and what’s happening. eSwatini is doing thrice better than us and Botswana six times better. This calls for serious introspection,” he said.

While his leadership has been accused of unfairness in the nomination of candidates to represent the party in the forthcoming elections, they were determined to do things differently to ensure that they win the elections.

“We have made it very clear from the onset that we are going to do things differently and bring changes. Sometimes, with change comes resistance and bitterness, but at the end of it all, we will have effected change,” Mr Matekane said.