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LDF youth participate in cleaning campaign, leaves citizens astonished

By: Leseli Mahloane

Pic1. On Saturday June 3rd, the Lesotho Defense Force (LDF) Youth Department Program organized a remarkable cleaning campaign at the Sefika shopping complex and surrounding areas. The LDF boot camp graduates proudly wore their national flag attire, symbolizing their patriotism and dedication to their country.

Pic 6. The LDF cleaning campaign aimed to emphasize the importance of passion in making a positive difference in society. It was also an initiative which came in effect after Prime Minister Sam Matekane launched ‘Hloekisa Lesotho’ this year in Maseru Pitso Ground. The cleaned areas included the main circle all the way to Sefika shopping complex, the taxi rank behind up to Lepoqong taxi rank in Maseru. These are some of the filthy busiest areas with the highest commuter traffic.

 Pic 2. The LDF boot camp alumni, driven by love for their nation, actively participated in the cleaning activities, demonstrating their commitment to maintaining a clean and healthy environment. They understood that even small acts of responsibility can make a significant impact on the overall well-being of their communities.

Pic 7. Furthermore, about 311 former boot campers took to the center stage showcased a glimpse of their military training during the campaign – a moment that left spectators in awe. They took this opportunity to reaffirm their moral principles, vowing never to engage in dishonesty, theft or tolerate such behavior amongst them including anyone who does. By upholding these ethical standards, they aimed to set a positive example for their peers, foster an environment of trust and integrity within their group.

Pic 3. LDF Youth Development Coordinator Major Bokang Melato expressed his satisfaction with the work accomplished by the boot campers. He commended their efforts and acknowledged the significant contribution they made to the cleaning campaign which carry forth the PMs mandate. Their dedication and discipline were evident throughout the activity, reflecting the core values instilled in them during their boot camp. Major Melato in ending thanked highly the sponsors saying through their contribution they made the activity possible and successful. These included Matekane Group of Companies, Onehope, Kou Brothers and Mr Petlane.

Pic 4. The cleaning campaign served as a reminder that seemingly small actions can have far-reaching fringe benefits. By embracing their roles as responsible citizens, the former LDF boot campers showcased the transformative power of individual contributions towards building a cleaner and more vibrant community. Their commitment to upholding moral values, along with their passion for their country, demonstrated that positive change begins with each person’s dedication and actions.

Pic 5. Overall, the Lesotho Defense Force Youth Department program’s cleaning campaign was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on the Sefika complex and Lepoqong areas. The event not only highlighted the importance of cleanliness and responsibility but also exemplified the values of patriotism and integrity that lie at the heart of the LDF boot campers’ training. Through their united efforts, they showed that passion and a strong sense of duty can make a significant difference in creating a better future for Lesotho.

The activity was broadcast on SABC TV. Follow the link to view more on their social media: https://youtu.be/raGwqqtBs_4

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