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Let’s lift each other to break the bias

The other day, as I was navigating my way through the maze of a parking lot, my reliable co-driver demanded we stop driving so she could point out what she has just seen. This is the person whom I have to drag out of the house to come with me while I walk through the shops and do my stop and greet. As she calls my chit chatter with every shopper. Don’t judge me. I’m friendly like that. Anyway, this time she was willing for me to stop the car, look inside, and if I knew the lady, wave and chat with her! BY: MOROETSANA

Why? You ask! My daughter had just observed a petite lady being escorted to an exquisite car by bodyguards! Who then jumped into the car? Her command of power was evident. She could see this was a powerful person. Since we live in a small country, she immediately knew I must know her, and if not, she was willing for me to introduce myself and her! Needless to say, the friendly lady rolled her window down and waved and talked to us. As she drives off, now comes the important part.

Who is she? If you are a parent, you have probably answered this at least 100 times on any given day since your child learned the art of talking. “Ke mang?” It’s the source of much frustration for parents of toddlers. Like all parents, I was quick to give the names. But one glance at her beaming eyes! I knew I had to say more. I had to explain that this is the first female Attorney General!