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Machabeng College awards top achievers

By T’soloane Mohlomi

MASERU – Machabeng College International School of Lesotho recently celebrated its top achievers in a prize giving ceremony held at ‘Manthabiseng Convention Centre in Maseru.

The prize giving ceremony held annually at the school, at the end of each academic year is commemorated in order to celebrate and laud the school’s top achieving students for the past academic semester.

The college, which is hailed for its prestigious  International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB), recently found itself treading on shaky ground  in  past  times, when the Institution faced accreditation issues which would have resulted in the college losing their status and reputation as a sought after International school in The Kingdom of Lesotho.

Having endured through the difficult phase and still emerging with their accreditation intact, the college is thus continuing in displaying the much expected excellence expected from their students, showing the dedication which the teaching stuff made-up of an array of tutors from around the world i has exerted in ensuring Machabeng lives up to its former glory.

Speaking at the ceremony, Acting Head Master, Mr James Kamau said he was proud and happy for all the students for their outstanding performance during the year, he said it was also through the leadership of the students that they’ve been able to continually elevate to greater heights, even in the midst of adversity.

“I stand here so happy for all our students who’ve outdid themselves this academic year to earn their respective awards, I’m also so very happy to have some of the alumni here present, who can share some of their secrets to success. I would like allay to you that most of the programmes are still ran by our students and we are proud of that. The students continue to play a great role in the school leadership and in the input of the development of the school.

Quoting the famous words of American author Christopher Rice, Head Master Kamau, made emphasis on the value of time, and using it wisely while at one’s disposal.

“Every day you have a bank account of 24 hours, time is a currency, no one is rich or poor the richness is determined by how you use the currency. The currency expires every day. If the currency is not properly invested you lose it, if it is properly used then you invest for your future,” he said

 Head Master Kamau said that’s what determined how ones future would be shaped. He said It was each and everyone’s responsibility to ensure they make the right choice of either investing or not investing, he advised all the students to ensure that their time was properly invested. Bearing in mind and remembering that choices indeed have consequences. He said all had gathered there on the day to give a huge round of applause to those who were showing progress. But however said he would like to encourage and celebrate also those who had not managed to get an award for the year.

“The price of success is hard work, commitment to the job at hand and the determination in knowing that that, whether you have won or lost you at least you know that you gave it your all.

In conclusion of his remarks he thanked everyone who was there and using the school long held famed slogan of “Pele ea Pele”.

During the proceedings of the ceremony attendees were from time on serenaded with melodious voices of the school choir.

Also speaking at the ceremony accomplished academic, Dr Teboho Bulane said, the mission of the school was to balance vigorously the comprehensive and college preparatory curriculum with healthy social and emotional development.

Dr Bulane said the school wanted its students to become responsible and engaged global citizens, and to achieve that he said, it all required imagination, flexibility, resilience, the ability to get along with others and doing that with a sense of humour.

“The college goes beyond by aiming to educate the students holistically, not only just academically or sporty, but also offering them the soft skill which is key to nowadays demands, and the leadership skills. As students It is indeed a privilege to get the kind of education that you are getting, I do believe you will make maximum use of it, because upon completion you will be confronted by a harsh world, which will demand you to display great character,” he said.

Some of the achievers on the day were koloti Ntjabane, who was most improved in Physical Education (P.E), Moeketsi Liau, who was most improved in business higher level and Morapeli  Mohlate, who took the honours as Most deserving in Bilology standard level.

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