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By ‘Matsie Qhasane and Tlotlisang Phoku

Maseru City Council (MCC) is on rotational community camping campaign with the intention to engage with members of the community to remind them of MCC services, how they are accessed and the council’s plans regarding the respective communities. The reason for the campaign is to increase education about the services provided by the council. This meeting will rotate with the twelve (12) wards of the Maseru City Council, from March 13, 2023 till all wards have been attended to. The meeting is aimed at bringing together the services provided by the council closer to the community, and it is done in partnership with other public departments and other independent bodies like JHPIGO, LAA and Karabo ea Bophelo. The very first camp started at Ha Thamae, MCC ward 04, on Friday the 13th March 2023.

A list of wards we have already covered, Six Ponto, Kotisphola Nts’irele, Auplasi, Molipa 1,2 & 3 Lekhaloaneng, Tsoapo’s, Borokhoaneng 1&2, Le-coop, and Sekoting In this areas MCC successfully completed the campaign .They are appreciative of the role the residents played, their attendance and support. MCC is also at owe of the dedicated and continued support of the delegates from the Ministry of Health and their partners.

Mr Khotso Makano detailed the procedure they followed, they first identify a village and when they have identified they liaison with the chief of the village to ensure smooth operation and also acknowledge protocol. Then the team embarks on their mission, when they get to the village they decide on their camping site which the chief will have allocated, and remain in the area for a week, open to service the people from 8H00 to 16H00.

“The campaign is still ongoing, in April we commence again, this time we will be calling Ha Mabote. The campaign will continue to circulate with all wards within the Maseru district. We make the village aware beforehand, we do not just show up, we alert the chief so that he can do the ground work and sensitize his people”. He said that, they have committed to visiting villages at least twice a month going forward.  When the villagers visit their station they can obtain multiple services, from JHPIGO, LAA, MCC and any other organisation which will have decided to join their initiative in that specific village.  “I am calling on many people and companies that provide services to government institutions or NGOs, businesses, independent bodies to join, the platform is open to all”, exclaimed Makano

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