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Mother’s day –  Sunday 14th May 2023

In preparation for 2023 Mother’s day we talk to Hape Matsepe entrepreneur and founder of Max’s Corner. The business is all about gifts and pampering therefore we want advice for our reader on special ways to celebrate Mom’s day.

Hape, why is it important for people to celebrate or recognize Mother’s day?

Okay for one, I think it’s important that we celebrate mothers every opportunity we get and not just on a specific designated day. Spoil them and pamper them at least once a month. We celebrate mothers because they are so great. They are one of the greatest support system anyone could ever ask for. We celebrate then because we are thankful for them

Looking at your line of business, what advice do you have for our 2023 mothers’ day gift hunting readers?

What to look out for would definitely be a good pamper gift set, they are affordable and say I care. A little spa voucher or fruit basket or some bath salts and bath bombs would be great. But also it’s the colder season so a good warm fleece and some treats should be awesome.

How best can people with tight financial budget manage to celebrate this day with their beloved mothers and families?

Tight budget or not, the best gift will always be quality time together. Take her to a high tea event or a nice restaurant. Book a picnic for you and her or take a little road trip. But you know, like I said, a little pamper gift set goes a very long way and they are very affordable.

Lastly, what does Max’s corner have in store for Mother’s day 2023? and how can buyers place orders?

We have picnics, gifts, and we just recently opened up a creative space where you can spend the day with your mother doing fun activities like pottery, canvas painting, bottle painting while having tea or wine and some light meals. They can follow us on Instagram, twitter or Facebook. Alternatively, orders can be placed here 58667278 or +266 59439523

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