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Mrs Majoro holds her flag high in Mrs. Universe Africa semifinalists

By Boitumelo Ramoeletsi


 MATSIE MAQEBA known as Mrs MAJORO, was born in Mohale’s Hoek. She attended St. Stephen’s primary and high school, then subsequently enrolled at the TSHWANE University of Technology, she is an X2 Project management Graduate who residentially dwell in Pretoria together with her family.  She is currently a 2023 Mrs Universe Africa Semifinalist.

Why Mrs. Universe Africa, why did you join Mrs. Universe Africa?

I decided to join Mrs Universe Africa because I felt that previously I used to be defined by my son’s condition. I’m known by the fact that I am a mother to a super cute autistic boy. I am proud of the woman I have become now, the experience and knowledge I have gained and I would happily wish to share with other women. I wish to reclaim my life, as Matsie the go getter that I used to be.

What is your objective with the Mrs. Universe Africa journey?

I wish to continue running with Autism campaigns, encouraging other women or care givers that this is a journey and not a project. I wish to have a bigger platform to voice out concerns for autism. I wish to inform and reassure women worldwide that they are not alone.  I wish to raise more funds for charities (both in SA and Lesotho)

What have you done or achieved so far during your Mrs. Universe Africa journey?

The re-ignition and awakening of MATSIE the young girl with big dreams — my lifetime achievement.

So far I have managed to partner with a home for the beautiful and disabled, I am currently asking for clothing donations, raising funds on behalf of the charities. It’s not easy but a queen’s got to do what a queen’s got to do.

How supportive is your spouse with the Mrs. Universe journey?

Mr MAJORO is my number one supporter, be it with life in general, with autism, with my dreams … I’m blessed to have a spouse like him in my life. He’s so supportive that we even select event outfits together.

What would you say to other spouses whose wives have dreams like yours?

I would just tell them that as effortless as it is for the female partners to abandon their dreams to build the household, it’s just as easy to do the same… the least you could do is be supportive and build your empires collectively as a team work.

What message do you have for Basotho/African women out there?

I wish in future there could be a “Mrs Lesotho.” Just to reassure Basotho women that they are still “hot” and worthy even after getting married. Attention Basotho women, attention Beautiful African women, Mrs Universe Africa is open for divorced, widowed and married women. Stand up for yourselves. You just never know what connections, opportunities or recognition could unlock.

Go get your lives.

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