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By Mamokone Machabe

Night Club businesses are not hubs for drunkness or bad behaviour as other people make them seem or think. They are rather workplaces where usually decent jobs are provided and one can make a living out of them.   

Mamokone Machabe visited Club Hooters to find more on the jobs young people can do at this type of business. Club hooters is a night club located in Maseru Ha Matala alongside the Main South 1 road, in the same premises as renowned Twisters Off-sales both are under the ownership of Mr Thabiso Thibeli.

“At its commencement level in 2018, Club hooters hired more than 10 employees,” said by Mr Lefulesele Thibeli who currently works as the club manager. As the manager, his main responsibility is to maintain the operating procedures at the club, which include events bookings, overseeing staff, making promotions and attending guests.

The night club now has over 14 employees. There are  bartenders, cleaners, resident Djs ,  bouncers, waitresses, photographer who also works as the graphic designer, a  promoter and lastly the manager.

27 year-old Katleho Setsomi works as a Barman at the nightclub, his job is to serve the customers and take stock of the supplies in the bar. He said before working at the nightclub his life had no direction whatsoever. Being unemployed, he survived on doing odd jobs but after getting the job at the nightclub his life changed for the better.

“I can finally see the light even though it’s not that bright,  I can now say my life has a direction“  added Setsomi.

As life changing as working at the club hooters can be, there are some challenges. Rethabile Kalabe who works as a cleaner at the club, says “my job is to ensure that all tables that customers are going to use are clean and ready.” Adding the most challenging part of his job happens when the customer sometimes throw up right in-front of everyone, then he has to come and clean up after them.

“Dealing with intoxicated people alone is a challenge on its own, some people can be rude when they are under the influence therefore when working with them, one needs to have patience “ said the manager.

For one to qualify for a job at the club , he or she needs to atleast have a restaurant experience and a minimum of LGCSE / COSC (Form E) Certificate.

Nightclubs are places where community members unite, celebrate and reconnect, find healing either through the music that’s played there or socializing with others. Club hooters is a club for everyone who is above the age of 18,  it is the office workers’ Friday night escape, the construction workers Saturday session, it is a perfect spot for a person to let down his or her hair , let loose and get to be themselves.

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