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Not every hustler is a scammer

By: Kananelo Ndunduzela


After the public raised different concerns regarding his hustling business, Tumelo Mosuhli posted a letter from his village chief in the Lesotho Online Market 24/7 page on the 21st February in order to prove his business is legitimate.

This was after he introduced to people on social media platforms that he helps them run small errands including buying their groceries and keeping the lines on their behalf at the banks on busy days and some people’s negative comments showed they do not trust him at all.

The Ha-Tsautse village headman Chief Paseka Sehlabo said in an interview with Informative “I know Tumelo from a young age and since then he had never been involved in criminal activities. Therefore, I believe his hustling businesses are of a good course.”

He stated that he has never heard people or police coming to his village claiming Tumelo was scamming them, so he wrote a letter to prove the young boy is in legal businesses and to ensure he is protected.

 “We’ve never encountered problems with this young man before so I trust him and I’d appreciate if people try to trust him as well even though it will not be easy as some people use the business name to scam others lately.” Chief Sehlabo said.

Mosuhli is a former Limkokwing University of Creative Technology student (LUCT) who studied marketing. He started his hustling business some time last year and his aim was to put food on the table and his passion for hustling began this year. This was after he made the analysis of people demographics and what effects it would cause in terms of need. He realized that people are in need of the services he is providing.

“Most people from the rural arears benefit a lot from my business as there are not many money transfer means there, so I wait for them in queues while they travel to town” he said. People benefit a lot from his hustles and the business is going smoothly compared to when he started.

Apart from his hustle, Mosuhli also bakes cookies and muffins. He has a runner who sells them around when he is busy hustling. He said another reason he is working so hard is because he wants to go back to school and complete his marketing course because he had to drop out due to repeating modules which he could not afford to pay for.

At the same time, he grew to love what he does and he therefore wishes his businesses would grow. He explained that he knows it won’t be easy for growth according to the state our country is in now but he is planning to use the skills he acquired from school to make things work out for him. He said he is not going to be discouraged by the people’s negative comments and he is willing to make them believe in him that is why he puts a lot of time and energy to make sure things run smoothly.

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