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The Confidence Booster 10

The Confident Leader


It’s a brand-new day and week. I hope I find you ready to excel as you get to the next level. Next level is always a decision away from your current reality. The challenge is are you willing to be that man or woman? Only the bold-hearted are going to the next level. They are the ones who will transcend barriers. They are the trailblazers life will never forget. You too can be among the elite. It takes decisive action.

I believe in you

My greatest desire is for you to fulfil your days and realize the vast potential housed in the inside of you. I trust you have seen a lot of leaders throughout this life, but there is a leader you never recognize and honour. This leader is near you and besides you. The leader you underrate a great deal is that man you see in the mirror. Learn to celebrate the leader in you whether you have a title or not. You are the leader who spends most of the time with you, develop yourself and become better with each coming day.

You are the CEO

Now that you understand who you are, I want you to treat yourself as the most important CEO you have ever met. The truth is that you are a mighty CEO. As a CEO you are like a parent or father who sets the family tempo. You are the barometer of what happens around you.  Children who succeed are those validated by their fathers. Most children who have absent fathers are in prison. Fatherly affection is so powerful that even Jesus Christ needed it in order to kick start his global leadership role of Christianity.

Walk Tall but stay grounded

As a successful leader, you have to walk with your head in the clouds yet with your feet firmly rooted on the ground. You ought to be a big dreamer. Dreaming is a key aspect of the leader’s life. A dream is the first port of call for creativity and big picture thinking. Without dreaming, your creative options die. Never allow your dream to die. It is your gateway to greatness. That is why Wifred A Peterson charges us to, “Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners and the doers.” Walk around the doers and the winners.

Confidence defines great leaders

All great leaders and CEOs are confident and inspiring people. They understand that leaders are lifters and intentional about adding value. They seek to create an enabling environment where others feel liberated to take decisive leadership action. They use their confidence to build new and dynamic people in their inner circle. True leadership oozes confidence and passes it on to its constituency. A confident leader will simply build confident followers and ultimately leaders.

The Lion Analogy

Champion leaders are like lions. The greatest asset they have is confidence. A lion weighs 300kg at its peak condition. However, it hunts an elephant which weighs 6000kg. When the lion sees an elephant, he sees lunch while the elephant sees a killer. It is both a mindset that is built on confidence levels. True to his confidence, the lion will track down the elephant and enjoy his lunch. So, the issue is never about size, it is about confidence. That is why the lion rules the elephant.

Leaders are people builders

Be a true leader, who is a champion in exhibiting and giving others a chance to grow. True leaders know that once you are in office you ought to start working yourself out of office. Leaders are never defined by positions but rather by their disposition. Confident leaders’ birth other leaders. But Jesus Christ is the ultimate of all times. Learn from him and surprise the best, you are the next best thing to happen to you, be confident and positive as you show up. Jesus raised a global religion out of twelve ordinary fishermen and social miscreants. That is evidence enough that anybody can be a great leader. Get up stand up and add value, you are a confident leader who can change the world.

Never Settle for less

I challenge the leader in you to rise to conquer, confidence is your remedy. Refuse to settle for less. Life has a lot  to offer.   Jesus is Lord. May the winner in you rise to conquer. I see you getting to the top. I see the leader in you emerging with more pomp and fanfare. Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground. Next level is a reality.