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The Confidence Booster 28 -By Dr. Ted Msipa

                     The Four Astras of Corporate Success

Approachability is key to your success. You may have all the technical acumen the world has ever known. You may be even able to separate light from darkness but if you are an ivory tower or rock of Gibraltar, nothing much will happen around you. If you want to argue just look at the decline facing Elon Musk, an amazing creative genius but who is solidly unapproachable. He has turned twitter into some unrecognizable organization. Be approachable so that you are more profitable.

One and one will give you two. The point is no one can argue with results. If you want to stand out practice value addition. Value addition is what separates boys from men. Results are not easy to come up with. That is why I have no respect for armchair critics who have achieved zilch. Value addition happens when you persistently excel in doing something over and above people’s expectations. I respect the man who keeps trying and failing because one day he will get it right. Statues are never erected in honor of critics.

That brings me to the third astra, or tool. The principle of dynamism. Your corporate success is built on your appreciation of your similarity and your understanding of being different. In order to build for success, first understand your Pop, that is the point of parity. Where are you similar with others. After understanding that you should identify what you should vary in your technique or game plan so as to be slightly different. This speaks to your point of difference. A lot of people who fail in business and life want to start at the point of difference without mastering the point of parity, which is the initial benchmark.

The fourth mantra is that of perception management. I hear a lot of people carelessly say that I don’t care what people think about me. What people think about you should not matter, but sadly it does. It is therefore important for you as a leader to understand the need to create and manage the right perceptions. In the corporate world perception is not something, but it is everything.

Some Powerful Takeaways

I hope you are provoked for greater success this week. Here are some things to ponder on:

  1. Your mindset is going to create your world. Malaysia, Singapore and Korea used to depend on Donor Aid, but it did not go beyond twenty years. Africa has been on donor aid and survival for more than 50 years now. We need to change the way we think.
  2. The reason why so many believers are broke is because they don’t want to think. They believe God will do everything for them hence they ought to do nothing. If God did not want you to think, He was going to create you as a robot.
  3. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. I also salute the fathers who were left by mothers but continue to press on with raising their children unabated. Mothers, thank you for mothering us.
  4. Nothing just happens, everything is triggered by something. If you are not happy with what you see, change your inputs or your location. You are not a tree planted there.
  5. In order to go fast, go alone, however if you desire to go far, go with others. Teams are more important than individuals.
  6. Do not imitate the wicked in their ways, there is a due season for every action under the sun. Keep on doing what is right and acceptable, God will vindicate you, one day.
  7. Wisdom demands that wives you love your husbands and you teach your children, not the other way round. Husbands love your wives unconditionally.
  8. The best investment you will ever make in life is investing in people. Sometimes it doesn’t pay, but most of the times it pays.

May God give you a winning strategy as you engage life this week. You are better than you think. Christ in you is the hope of glory. Refuse to settle for less, keep focusing on Christ the Ultimate leader. Remember success is an attitude, let us meet at the top.

May the leader in you rise to conquer.

Ted Msipa (Ph.D.), is a Pastor, Public Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Business Strategist and Master Mentor.

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