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The Confidence Booster 8

                       Let us learn, live and love

It’s a brand-new week.

I trust you had the best weekend possible and you are ready to pursue your next level this week. Our lives are wired for pursuit. If you are not pursuing a promotion, you are likely to be pursuing a business deal, maybe you are pursuing a woman. My humble observation is that we are wired to achieve something great in life. There is a yearning deep inside us which says you can be great. That thought is right and do not ignore it.

Life is a story of achievements

Do you ever realise that life is not some crazy mumbo jumbo thing elsewhere? It is what you see, feel breathe and touch on a daily basis. It is the little chores you neglect and the big dreams you nurture. Life in its simplicity is my story and your story. It is our romance and flirtation with seconds, minutes, hours and days. Life is time, hence the reason it is measured in years. We may choose a passive life and yet we can choose an active life. We may choose a life of vanity, yet we may also choose that of significance. Others may select a life of honour and yet others that of dishonour. Whatever choice you make, you will always achieve something, either greatness or shame. The results never lie.

The Evils of Life

One of the most intriguing things about life is racism. What a big shame for us to treat each other badly on the basis of the differences in our skin pigmentation. How people can at times become so myopic to the point of reducing themselves into weapons of hatred in the hands of the devil defies logic. Tribalism and ethnicity are also terrible monsters we ought to treat with the disdain they deserve. Who you are is not as important as what you do? What is important is that you must add value to a lot of people in your chosen segment. Enlightened people are not really interested in ethnicity, race and nationality. Otherwise, how do you explain the issue of China dominating most countries in the world financially. Wise people pursue and perceive the value you add irrespective of your identity.

People are people.

I do not know of any created species which is as powerful as people. People are the pinnacle of creation. Their position in creation clearly shows that we are a well thought out project. I read somewhere that all human beings have been proven to have originated from Africa? (Note that it makes no difference, even if they had originated from Mars, Jupiter, Pluto or Saturn) This includes those who are in Europe and overseas, so we are one people, diverse in our outlook but still similar in most aspects. We are like flowers with divers’ colours, yet we are still that, people. Migration, intermarriage, have all happened because of various levels of interaction. People are people, of course social groups can have certain differences. But we are all children of one Great God. We are products of a loving God, let us love one another. Otherwise, how do we love God whom we have not seen and hate a fellow human being made in His image.

We have infinity potential and ability

It has since dawned on me that God has a great sense of humour in that He made us more like Him. Even scripture says that we have the mind of Christ and we are the image of God. We are more precious than we recognise. We have more abilities than we have realised. We can do more than we have already done. Our ability is unlimited because we are linked spiritually to an unlimited God. One of the greatest tools God has given you for your success is the tool of visualisation and imagination. God guarantees that he is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than what you can think or imagine. Let us look at visualization so that it can become a practical nugget in your life.

Things Start in the Spirit Realm

Visualization is a simple technique that you can use to create a strong mental image of a future event. With good use of visualization, you can practice in advance for the event, so that you can prepare properly for it. And by visualizing success, you can build the self-confidence you need to perform well. Visualisation can be used to prepare for an interview for promotion, alternatively for a pitching and sales presentation. You may also use it to prepare for a dissertation presentation. It feeds on the power of your imagination. Here is the secret folks God can never bless you with something that you have never imagined. That is why it is okay to be a practical dreamer.

The Benefits of Visualisation.

Visualisation is a part of imagination. I want you to know that before God created the world, He imagined it and visualised it. This is why He starts by saying let there be this and that after the order of creation. This is because it already existed in His imagination. In God’s world imagination and visualisation equals reality. So that is why you ought to visualise greatness for your life, one day you will achieve it. Visualisation and imagination are a crucial part of your original DNA. Visualisation offers you several benefits that is why you ought to work on it. These include but are not limited to the following: Visualizing outcomes that you want can increase your confidence. “Seeing” yourself succeed helps you believe that it can – and will – happen. It helps you “practice” success. When you imagine every step of an event or activity going well, you get your mind and body ready to take those steps in real life. Anyone can benefit from visualization and imagination. Try it and be energised to achieve your goals.

Rise to Conquer

Never allow yourself to be negative and wallow in self-pity, that can lead you to depression. Depression is a product of negative imagination. We see it clearly in the life of Job, when he says the thing, I feared the most has befallen me. So negative imagination will birth destruction for you. Positive imagination will build empires for you. The choice is yours, since you are a free moral agent.

 Yesterday ended last night and today is a brand-new day. May the leader in you rise to conquer. Next level is the only level. God bless you; Jesus is the Christ. Rise and conquer. To those who believe all things are possible.