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Tlome to launch other car service ‘soon’

By Thoboloko Nts’onyane

MASERU – Local businessman and self-taught car marker Motlomelo ‘Tlome’ Motlomelo has promised that he will soon launch a series of cars he has been building since the launch of Thabure 1 in early 2021.

Thabure 1 is a Jeep-like SUV.

Motlomelo rose to fame when he unveiled his first car which he built in 2021 making headlines locally and internationally.

He was then approached by local and international clients from as far as France.

Also locally, he was approached by the army to build the car for them.

Motlomelo said since then, he has never rested and will soon reveal the series of cars he has built in his workshop in a pomp and fare ceremony.

After Thabure 1, the succeeding cars include Thabure 2, Makoanyane, Khomo, Thabure and Seeta. They are mostly sports utility vehicles (SUVs).

He had also upped his game in terms of the car safety features, highlighting that for Thabure 2, that even if it can encounter an accident or overturns there will not be loss of lives.

This car he said can accommodate eight people. 

While he spent 29 days assembling the first car, he took just over 40 days building some of these cars.

Going up to Standard 7, Motlomelo said he aspires to work with the programmers and those building robotics to help him assemble safer and advanced vehicles options.

He said he works with young talent and has found interest in nurturing and grooming the young and upcoming talent.

On May 15, Tlome said he will compete in Bothaville, South Africa and in Midrand after winter this year.

He is also set to compete internationally in Shanghai, China but had not confirmed the dates.

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