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Why do teenagers always resort to suicide…? What is the root problem?

By:Keabetsoe Malikhetla

For some teens, normal developmental changes can be very unsettling when combined with other life changing events such as: -Changes in their family structure due to things such as; divorce or moving to a new town

-Changes in friendships

-Problems in school

-Other losses.

These problems may seem too hard or embarrassing to overcome. For some, suicide may seem like a solution.

Which teens are at risk of suicide and why they commit it?

1. One or more mental health conditions, including substance use disorder

2. Impulsive behaviors

3. Undesirable life events or recent losses, such as the death of a parent or loved one

4. Family history of mental or substance use disorder

5. Family history of suicide

6. Family violence, including physical, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse

7. Past suicide attempt

8. Imprisonment

9. Exposure to suicidal behavior from others, such as family or peers, in the news, or in fiction stories.

Signs and behaviors to look out for in teens if there is suspicion of suicide

1. Changes in eating and sleeping

2. Loss of interest in usual activities

3. Withdrawal from friends and family members

4. Acting-out behaviors and running away

4. Alcohol and drug use/abuse

5. Neglecting one’s personal appearance or hygiene

6. Unnecessary risk-taking

7. Obsession with death and dying

8. More physical complaints often linked to emotional distress, such as stomachaches, headaches, and tiredness.

9. Loss of interest in school or schoolwork

10. Boredom

11. Problems focusing

12. Luring/hovering feeing of death

13. Lack of response to praise

14. Another warning sign is verbalizing their thoughts

“I want to kill myself or I wish I could die”.

15. Written suicide notes.

How can parents help or prevent their teens from attempting suicides?

-Give hear to their children

-Refrain from negative comments and use of negative language.
– Visit a therapist with the teen.
-They should not be left alone.

-Put away dangerous weapons or substances away from them.

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