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Lip-off rent ban comes into effect today – Explain how it will affect you

Buyers of real estatebuying a new leasehold home from today will be able to payrentthanks to the new ban. You don't have to pay. ..

Rent is the fee you have to pay to the free holder to rent the land where many lessors live.

You can pay for home and site maintenance work, but it is often considered a rip-off fee aimed at making money for free holders.

The cost of this can reach hundreds of pounds each year. In short, amendments to the law will save homeowners a lot.

In the UK, leasehold owners pay an average of £ 319 per year for land rents. That's a total of £ 447m.

The Leasehold Reform (Rent) Law came into effect today (June 30) and is new. A person who purchases a leasehold right.

This is only for existing leasehold homeowners with informal lease extensions, but with this method there are no certain conditions that freeholders must give you. ..

The government has promised a second law to help people who already live in rental properties.

The Minister acknowledges that rent charges "can be set to escalate on a regular basis without providing explicit services in return."

Leasehold Minister Sir Stephen Greenharju said: Raise the leasehold system and home ownership.

"By eliminating these unreasonable costs, the dream of home ownership becomes a more affordable reality for the next generation of home buyers.

" I am a new lease We welcome the move from many landlords who have already set their rents to zero and strongly encourage them to follow others before this becomes a law. "

In April 2023 Further changes will be made to ban the rent of retirement housing.

It is estimated that there are 4.6 million existing rental properties (mainly apartments) in England and Wales.

In Scotland and Northern Ireland, rent bans do not apply as the rules vary from place to place.

What is the difference between a leasehold right and a freehold right?

If you own free property, you own the building and the land on which it is built.

In the case of real estate that purchases a leasehold right, you only own the building, not the land.

You can still choose to extend the lease with these new rules.

It is important to monitor the rest of the year as it will be costly below 80 years.

Short debt can make it more difficult to sell or repay real estate.

You can still try to buy a freehold of your property.

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