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Hero dad wrestles suspect to ground after three police officers are battered with bike

This is the alarming moment a man battered three police officers over the head with a bicycle - until a hero shopkeeper wrestled him to the floor.

The suspect lifted the bike over his head and brought it down on the officers in a violent attack caught on camera on Tuesday afternoon. The officers were taken to hospital for treatment to injuries, including at least one head wound.

But they avoided serious injuries as have-a-go hero Abdul Guldari, 57, tangled with the suspect outside his shop Fruit and Vegetable House in Lozells, Birmingham. The father-of-six subdued the man and police were able to make two arrests.

Officers attempt to push back the man charging them with a bicycle (


Birmz Is Grime / SWNS)
An officer lays on the ground following disorder in Lozells, Birmingham (


Birmz Is Grime / SWNS)

Mr Guldari said fracas had started when police asked a man for his ID as they suspected he was a drug dealer. When he refused, tensions escalated and the violence ensued. Mr Guldari, originally from Afghanistan, said: "He was saying to the cops ''don't touch me or I will punch you''. While this is all happening this man picked up a bike. The he started fighting with police too. When I see he took my [fruit] bowl, this shook me up, one hook and I had him on the floor.

"I was angry. I helped the police and he went down. More police came and took the men away. This is my business, I love my country and I wanted to help the police, help my job and my business. I have run this business for a year now. I have never had this before. People usually have respect and there's no problem."

Abdul Guldari, 57, became the hero after wrestling a man to the floor outside his shop (


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In the footage, police are unable to detain a man and can be seen calling for back up. A separate onlooker then jumps into the tussle by picking up a bike and smashing the group of officers over the head with it. In the confusion, the man swings a punch at an officer's face before bizarrely throwing what appears to be a cabbage at him.

Detective Superintendent Jim Munro, from Birmingham Local Policing Area, part of West Midlands Police, said: "Our officers are on the frontline every minute of every day - often putting their own safety at risk - to help and protect the public in their time of need. Attacks on our staff while carrying out their daily duties are unacceptable and will never be tolerated.

The force added two men, aged 22 and 30, were arrested on suspicion of assault. They remain in custody for questioning. The three officers' injuries were not serious, the constabulary added.