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Deer smashes through noodle restaurant window in bizarre video

Deer Wisconsin

A buck caught a room full of restaurant-goers by surprise when it leaped into Noodles & Company (Image: Noodles and Company)

A buck caught a room full of restaurant-goers by surprise when it leaped into Noodles & Company during a busy lunch hour.

The deer stormed the Wisconsin eatery before running through the kitchen on Tuesday after smashing through a window.

The buck spent about a minute in the dining hall before dashing into the kitchens.

Patti Pickering, the general manager of the store, said they were in the middle of the lunch rush, including 65 children who were having a meal while trick-or-treating, when the deer jumped through the store’s window.

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Noodles and Company

The deer stormed the eatery before running through the kitchen (Image: NBC 15)

He told NBC15: "He came into the dining room, the kids had exited out the side doors and he came through the kitchen and then out the back door."

Noodles & Co. has confirmed there were no injuries to team members, guests or the deer.

The company has since boarded up the front wndow the buck jumped through.

In light of the event, the company is offering a “2 Buck Mac & Cheese” special on Wednesday for hungry customers who want to “save some doe.” Beloit customers can place an order online or through the Noodles app using promo code 2BUCKMAC to receive mac and cheese for $2 at that specific location.

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It comes as two deer struggling in the waters of southeast Alaska’s famed Inside Passage finally made it to land, thanks to two Alaska Wildlife Troopers who gave the deer a lift in their boat.

Sgt. Mark Finses and trooper Kyle Feuge were returning from a patrol in nearby Ernest Sound to Ketchikan on Oct. 10 when they spotted the deer, agency spokesperson Justin Freeman said in an email to The Associated Press.

The deer were about 4 miles (6.4 kilometers) from any island in the channel, which is favored by large cruise ships taking tourists in summer months to locations such as Ketchikan and Juneau.

The deer were floating down Clarence Strait about 14 miles (22.5 kilometers) northwest of Ketchikan, but not toward any particular island, Freeman said. They were fighting the current during midtide.

“Out in the middle of Clarence, they’re in rough shape, like on their last leg,” Finses said on a video he shot with his phone and that the troopers posted to social media.

The troopers stopped their 33-foot (10-meter) patrol vessel about 150 yards (137 meters) from the two deer, which saw the boat and headed toward it. The troopers shut off the engines so the animals wouldn’t be spooked.