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Nissan unveils five of its new cars in iconic video game Fortnite including its futuristic-looking Juke

EVERYONE has heard of Fortnite, right?

It’s the biggest kid-friendly shooter game ever created.

It’s why every kid can floss.

So Nissan putting five cars in the game, each with their own character, is pure marketing gold.

Actually, it’s better than that. It’s genius.

Because I’ve done some digging and I reckon two of the cars actually preview the next Juke and Qashqai.

Meaning kids will be driving them at least THREE YEARS before mum and dad can have one for real.

Or they turn 17 and realise they want one themselves.

Subliminal advertising, innit.

The silver car is called “Hyper Punk”. But it’s not really.

It’s Juke.

The lime yellow car is called “Hyper Urban”. Qashqai.

Yuki drives Juke in the game. See the “uk” coincidence?

Tim drives Qashqai and he’s the avatar of Nissan design bod Matt Weaver, aka Mr Qashqai. I think so anyway.

Both cars are electric. Both can provide power for other things. Both will be built at Sunderland.

They’ll be flossing on the factory floor when they read this.

Nissan released the Fortnite cars just as the real-life Juke concept was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show.

We like it. It comes pre-dented. So there’s no need to be precious about where you park it.

Of course the real thing, due in 2026, won’t be quite as wild inside or out but it will be daring and different, because that’s Juke’s DNA.

The mega-selling Qashqai is due to be renewed in 2028.

Bosses say battery costs will be “at least 65 per cent” lower by then, putting EVs in the same price bracket as petrols.

Sunderland is also preparing to make the Leaf replacement.

You can’t play that one on your computer.

But the real thing should cost about.

NOW we come to the real hero.

The supercar-slaying Nissan GT-R.

You can drive one in Fortnite as young racer Hide.

But the big news is, Godzilla will return to UK roads from 2028 as eGodzilla.

So it’s electric, then? Yes.

But the very best kind of electric.

This ‘Hyper Force’ concept previewing GT-R is 1,360hp, 4WD and pioneers solid state batteries, the game-changer for electric cars.

Solid state batteries are double the density of lithium-ion and recharge three times faster.

They’re also cheaper and use much less of the most valuable resources.

Even the drive modes spell out GT-R. ‘GT’ for grand touring and ‘R’ for racing of course.

Nissan promised they’d only make GT-R when tech costs were lower, so the four-seat rocketship is more affordable to more people.

They also said it would be equipped with in-car gaming.

We like the first promise, delete the other one.