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Deborah James' family conveys a heartfelt message the day after her death

The Deborah James family delivered a heartfelt message the day after her death.

They asked people last night to "buy a drink" for her to help theBowelbabe Fund.

SunwriterandGunactivists died on Tuesday at the age of 40, butraised millions of pounds It wasn't before. For charity in a few weeks.

Her heritage will continue, but the British are encouraged this weekend to exceed £ 10min her fundraising activities.

Donations began when40-year-old Debslaunched the Bowelbabe Fund (currently £ 7m) in early May.

She revealed that she would begin her palliative care at her parents' home in Walking, Surrey. There she died seven weeks later.

All cash collected will be sent to Cancer Research UK to fund clinical trials and drug research.

DonatehereContinue to raise funds for Deborah's BowelBabe Fund

Last night I posted to my family Bowelbabe Instagram, donated to a cause, and then urged others to post a picture of myself "raising the glass" to Debs.

Reflecting Debs' own feelings, when she first launched her page, she wrote: Research that saves the life of cancer. To give more time for more Deborah.

The family confirmed Debs' death in an Instagram post Tuesday night and said they were "deeply saddened" by their loss.

The emotional statement states. "Deborah shared her experience with the world to raise awareness, break barriers, challenge taboos and change conversations about cancer.

" Even in her most difficult moments. Her determination to raise money and awareness was inspiring.

"Thank you for giving us private time as a family, and we look forward to continuing. Through @bowelbabefund, Deborah's legacy is forever in the future. "

Mama Heather said her" heart is broken "after sharing a clip of her dancing daughter on a holiday. Told.

Celebrities and key figures, including the Duchess of Cambridge,BorisJohnsonand BowelCancer UK CEOshared words of emotion60}

And Sun's readersour online condolence book. 

Inspiring Fat's mission was to spread awareness of her bowel cancer after a shocking diagnosis at the age of 35 in 2016.

Looking far away from stereotypical cancer patients, Debs was a healthy, healthy, marathon runner, but she said she had an incurable medical condition.

She defeated an 8% chance of living for five years After her diagnosis, her "rebellious hope" soon became her slogan.

Over the last five years, she has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of cancer.

Even on her last day, she manages to get M&S, Ardi, Tesco, Andrex to promise to print thesign of bowel cancer on their toilet rolls. 

Fat breaks the taboo of cancer conversations and shares a cruelly honest explanation of her journey, from treatment to surgical scars to the impending fate. did. 

But above all, her fearless mother always urges others to "check for poop" and be aware of changes in her blood and bowel habits. did. Both are signs of bowel cancer. 

In the final message from her family, Dame Deborah said:

"And finally, check your poop-it may save your life."

Fat shares her journey onInstagramDid. Me Say

In her last column and interview, she wrote about her fear of dying and not seeing her children grow 

The award-winning BBC podcast that Fat also announcedYou, I, and Big C and fellow cancer patients Rachael Bland, Lauren Mahon and Rachael's husband who died in September 2018. Steve.

She is tirelessF *** Cancer Drum– Write a book of the same name – And everything she can do to help others avoid her destiny I vowed to do.

Deborah was survived by her two children. 105} Eloys e, 12, Hugo, 14, she donated to her husband Sebastien

here 111} Continue to raise funds for Deborah's BowelBabe Fund