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EastEnders stars Jessie Wallace and Letitia Dean look completely different in slowback snaps from 20 years ago


EASTENDERS stars Jesse Wallace and Leticia Dean look very different in slowback snaps from 20 years ago.

Jesse-played the iconic Cat Slater in BBC One Thorpe-posed with her co-star on the Albert Square set in 2002.

Legendary Thorpe Star Leticia-Smoldering with Watt-Camera since 1985 when she played Sharon.

She wore a pink shirt and a black mini skirt decorated with a silver belt.

Co-star Jesse chose a fake leather pencil skirt with a brightly patterned top and snakeskin.

With one arm around her friend on her screen, Jesse smiled big and showed off her trademark red lippy.

Jesse writes: "My gorgeous tissue # 2002 Polaroid. They are the dream team of the show. It was really nice to see all the women together at this week's EE. Girl power!

Another post: "Awesome photos remain smiling."

Third remark: "I love all the new scenes of Sharon and Cat. Team up with Sam." Must be. "

Someone else erupted:" My two favorites. I love this photo. "

Jessie's latest post is Kat and Sharon. After teaming up to take on Phil Mitchell's

. But fans are confident that Sharon Watts and Phil Mitchell will meet again.

Hardman, played by actor Steve McFadden in BBC soap, is now in prison after signing a contract with the police and refusing to become a criminal intelligence provider.

But his girlfriend Cat didn't know anything until he found evidence that Sharon was secretly visiting Phil.

Everything was revealed when two women were taken hostage by two armed groups of Peggy alongside Sam Mitchell.

Cat was shocked when he found a piece of paper on the floor and immediately snatched it after understanding what it was.

She soon revealed that she saw Phil in prison and found a receipt for her visit.

"I'm his fiancé, you're not his wife," Cat said before trying to kick Sharon out.

However, Sharon explained:

"The police asked him to mow the grass, but he said months ago. He doesn't have to be banged, but he doesn't listen to me. If he wasn't that old school, he could go out today if he just cooperated. "

But Cat didn't know, so Phil told her. I was overwhelmed by the choice to leave.

And now fans think Sharon and Phil will meet again years apart.

One person wrote: "Please come back with Sharon and Phil. # EastEnders"

Another post: "I'm better than Cat and Phil. I prefer Sharon and Phil. They need to meet again! #EastEnders "