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Households with the correct date must apply for a £ 150 rebate of Council Tax.

Thousands of households can now apply for a Council Tax Refund, but don't miss the deadline.

Households in bands A to Dcan get up to £ 150. If you qualify, you do not need to repay.

Council tax refundsare made by the local council, which decides who is eligible for payment.

Rebates are provided as a separate payment, not part of the Council Tax invoice. Only available if you do not pay the invoice with direct debit.

Check the requirements and deadlines through the regional council. Deadlines may vary.

If you don't know who the local council is, you can checkhere. Just enter your zip code.

The application deadline for most households has been extended to September 30, 2022. However, please double check in your area. It may be different.

For example, households in West Suffolk had to applyby June 5th.

 You can find the latest information on when to receive cash on the local council website and on social media pages.

And if you're not sure if you're in the right band, you can check with thegovernment tool.

When will the £ 150 Council Tax Refund be paid?

Payments have already been made to many locals in locations such as Sunderland, Bracknell , East HampshireHave been paid.

However, some people have to wait longer because Congress handles the processing of payments.

When you receive a £ 150 rebate depends on where you live.

Each council has a different system, dates can be different, and the scheme is new.

If you have set up direct debit to pay your Council Tax invoice, you may receive it sooner than if you paid it manually.

If you are eligible for a rebate but need to apply without paying the invoice, you need to pay attention to the letter.

This is also true if you pay the invoice manually and the parliament does not have the bank details recorded.

Your council will contact you on how to apply for £ 150.

But beware of scams where criminals request bank details by text, email, or phone and claim that this is the way to receive rebates.

Experts have warned about warning signs to note so you don't lose cash.

If you are not eligible for a one-time payment, you will need to check if is eligible for other assistance.

There are also some A-D band exemptions, for example if you don't live at home.

If you think you're wrong, don't miss your cash, as you can challenge the Council Tax Zone .

However, keep in mind that revaluing your band may put you in a lower band where you pay more council taxes, so consider the risks.

 If you are receiving low income or benefits, you are eligible for a council tax reduction through another scheme.

Another £ 144 million fund has also been launched, allowing local councils to serve vulnerable, low-income households. Some councils, such as

Camden, have opened the application with cash worth up to £ 150.

And the most difficult families suffering from invoices may be subject to additional payments in addition to £ 150.